Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Training: 5/18/2011


A. Jerk Dip Squats: 3 x 5, rest 90 sec (275#,295#,315#)

B. Jerk Recovery: 5 x 1, rest 2 min (275#,295#,315#,325#,335#(f))

C. Split Jerk: 4 x 1, rest 1 min (225#,235#,245#,255#)

D. Sprint Row 20 sec, rest 40 sec x 4 (119m,118m,117,117m)

Notes: Triceps were a little fried from the workout the day before. Missed my final set of jerk recovery. Didn't feel that heavy, just unstable using the free racks. Row sprints felt good. Able to hold right around 1:21 on each of the rows.


4 rounds:

12 Hang Power Snatches unbroken (you choose)

5 Muscle Ups

35 Double Unders

rest 3 min

Times: 1:31(used 115#),1:10,1:14,1:10

Notes: Used 115# for the first set. This definitely overtaxed my grip. Had to break muscle ups using that weight. I dropped it down to 95# and then I went unbroken on the muscle ups. Muscle ups are still a challenge for me. Can't do big sets yet, but I feel comfortable doing doubles consistently. Double unders felt smooth.

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