Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Training: 5/24/2011

3 sets:
5 Snatches (135#)
5 Muscle Ups
20 cal row @ 90%
4min rest

Times: 1:32, 1:30, 1:56

Notes: First two sets were unbroken and felt good. Barely got the last muscle-up on each, but I think for the Regionals I won't go too close to failure. Breaking the muscle-ups into more manageable sets will allow for less rest between sets. I was happy to do the snatches unbroken. Felt pretty easy, something that has never really been easy for me before. Also threw in some HSPU kipping practice with double unders after the workout. I will give a full pre-game thought process when I have a chance.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Training: 5/22/2011

10min Z1 Run
800m Run
25 HSPU(45# plates w/ abmat between)
25 DB Ground to Overhead (50#)
50 Pullups
800m Run
Time: 14:56

Notes: ran the first 800m in about 3:10. Walked right inside and starting banging out HSPUs. Shoulders are a bit burnt from skill work earlier the workout the day before. Fortunately, I should be fresh for this workout, and I should be able to bang these out in 2 sets come Friday. Didn't have 45# dumbbells so I went with the 50# instead. Tough to get them overhead after doing the HSPUs but I was able to string together sets of 5. I plan on doing the same when I have to do 40 of them on Sunday. Pullups were broken into sets of 10 with about 10-15 seconds rest in between each set. I plan on breaking these up into 20s come Saturday. Don't want to tax the grip too much because I am going to have to pick up the kettlebell right afterward. Second run was done in 3:24. Only one workout left until regionals. Proper rest, mobility, and nutrition are key here on out.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Training: 5/21/2011

A. Snatch: 3,2,1; 3min rest (155#,175#(1), 185#)
B. Squat Clean Thruster: 3x 1.1.1; 2min rest (155#,175#,205#)
C. Deadlift: 8x2; 60sec rest (245#)
D. Box Jumps: 3x10; 45sec rest
E. Toes-to-bar: 4x10; 30sec rest

Notes: Nice PB on snatch today. Felt really good to hit this today. Feeling like I am peaking at the right time. Have to start getting under the bar quicker in the snatch, but overall, it is looking very good. Threw on 235# for a single power clean thruster power clean was okay, but only got the thruster half way up. I feel comfortable hitting this weight at the competition.

Training: 5/19/2011

2 Rounds @ 90%:
800m run
30 Kettlebell Swings (1.5 pd)
30 Pullups

Notes: grip was the rate limiter here. Run was ok. Walked away afterward.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Training: 5/18/2011


A. Jerk Dip Squats: 3 x 5, rest 90 sec (275#,295#,315#)

B. Jerk Recovery: 5 x 1, rest 2 min (275#,295#,315#,325#,335#(f))

C. Split Jerk: 4 x 1, rest 1 min (225#,235#,245#,255#)

D. Sprint Row 20 sec, rest 40 sec x 4 (119m,118m,117,117m)

Notes: Triceps were a little fried from the workout the day before. Missed my final set of jerk recovery. Didn't feel that heavy, just unstable using the free racks. Row sprints felt good. Able to hold right around 1:21 on each of the rows.


4 rounds:

12 Hang Power Snatches unbroken (you choose)

5 Muscle Ups

35 Double Unders

rest 3 min

Times: 1:31(used 115#),1:10,1:14,1:10

Notes: Used 115# for the first set. This definitely overtaxed my grip. Had to break muscle ups using that weight. I dropped it down to 95# and then I went unbroken on the muscle ups. Muscle ups are still a challenge for me. Can't do big sets yet, but I feel comfortable doing doubles consistently. Double unders felt smooth.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Training: 5/17/2011


Row 10 min @ Z1 (every 500m, get off and perform 40 double unders)


5 min AMRAP @90%:

5 Ground to Overhead 95lbs

10 Hand Release Pushups

Rounds: 7

rest 5 min actively when done.


5 min AMRAP @90%:


10 Toes to Bar

Rounds: 7

rest 5 min actively when done.


5 min AMRAP @90%:

5 OH Squats 95lb

1 Rope Climb

10 Situps

Rounds: 5

rest 5 min actively when done.


5 min AMRAP @90%:

5 SDHP 95lb

100m run

10 Wallballs 20lb

rest 5 min actively when done.

Rounds: 4.2


Row 10 min @ Z1-2

Notes: Felt good today. Didn't get enough sleep last night, but I took a nap before hand and ate a complete meal about 3 hours before. Doing 10min of aerobic work is definitely a good fit for these aerobic workouts. Gets me primed. I am starting to gain more confidence in my aerobic engine. I was also pleased with my OHS. I usually have no confidence but I got into a good rhythm today....with no weightlifting shoes either!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Training: 5/15/2011

10 KB Swings (2pd)
15 Ring Dips
20 Box Jumps (20")
25 Squats
Times~1:24.....all times within 1 second of each other

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Training: 5/14/2011

10min AMRAP:
muscle up to ring HSPU:
11 reps
5 rounds for time:
6 power snatch (135#)
100m sandbag run (80#)
Time: 9:52

Training: 5/13/2011

A.Front Squat: 3x3 @ 82%;2:30 rest(225#,230#,235#)
B. Thruster: 3x21; 3min rest (95#,105#,115#)
C. 1-10 CTB pullup Ladder (2:30)
50m farmer's carry (2x2pd)
35 situps
45sec rest

Notes: Pleased with my effort on the thrusters and CTBs. Those situps smoked me.

Training: 5/12/2011

A. Jerk Squat: 3x5;90sec rest (275#,295#,305#)
B. Jerk Recovery: 5x1;2min rest (275#,295#,305#,315#,325#)
C. Jerk: 5x1(225#,245#,255#,275#)
D. Front rack walk w/ bar (185#): accumulate 3min

5 sets:
3min AMRAP
15 Double Unders
10 Power Snatch
5 Burpees
run 600m @ 65%
Rounds: 4 each time

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Training: 5/9/2011

A. 7min Muscle Up Practice (30 muscle ups in 9min,paced)
B1. Bench Press: 3x2 @ 85%; 2min rest (225#,245#,265#)
B2. Power Clean: 3x2 @ 85%; 2min rest (195#,205#,215#)
C. Deadlift: 8x2 @ 50%; 1min rest (215#)

Notes: Felt a bit tired today. Work schedule seems to be getting to me. Early mornings cause me to have anxiety while sleeping. Need to continue to work on olympic lifting technique. Shoulder were tight today so muscle ups after about 20 were getting tough to get the head through. Tomorrow will be a better day.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Training: 5/9/2011

AM Training:
5k Run For time
Time: 20:59

Notes: Good effort on the run. I warmed up my hip flexors and lower back as best as I could. I think my running form is off. I will take a look at it on film tomorrow, but something is causing me to overextend even though my glutes are firing.

PM Training:
10 Rounds @ 80%
1/1 TGU (2pd)
6 Alt Pistols
10 GHD Situps
time: 20:12

Notes: Man I still hate pistols. Still no flow. Failed about 5-8 reps. Right side was better today. Left side felt week. TGU felt really strong. No problems with the 2pd kettle bell. GHD situps destroyed my lower back. I had the fulcrum too high I think. It was behind my glutes, and reading what greg everett says, it should be behind the hamstrings to allow the pelvis to tilt correctly. I will try this next time. God I hate pistols.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Training: 5/7/2011

Training Am:

3 rounds:

20 CTB Pullups

1 trip Prowler (70# pushed over 50m)

30 steps (total) Plate Overhead Walking Lunges 45lbs

Time: 9:10

rest 10 min

AMRAP 5min:

Plank Position One Arm Prowler Pulls(50#, 20ft rope)

7 sets complete

Notes: First set of CTB felt great, but as soon as I got done with the first 25m prowler push, I knew I had gone a out too hard and I had chosen a weight and distance that was too difficult for the workout. I was breathing really heavy after that, lactate was creeping in. Broke up the lunges into 15/15,15/15,10/10/10 on the three rounds. Tough to keep arms locked overhead. I broke up the second round of CTBs only to keep breathing under control. They had great flow today, and I was pleased with going unbroken on with them in the final set. Liked the prowler pulls, different stimulus and fun to boot.


Airdyne 10 min @ Z1


10 min Locomotion Patterns (ala Ido Portal)


10 min Handstand walking practice


15/15 Light Turkish Get-Ups(16kg)


5 trips each arm Crosswalk (Heavy DB low hand, lighter DB/KB overhead) (65lb. DB/16kg KB)


Row 10 min @ Z1

Friday, May 6, 2011

Training: 5/6/2011


A. Jerk Dip Squats: 3 x 5, rest 90 sec (225#,255#,285#)

B. Jerk Recovery: 5 x 1, rest 2 min (225#,255#,275#,305#,325#)


7 rounds:

Airdyne 20 sec @ 95%

15 Ring Dips

10 Box Jumps 24" AFAP


30 Double Unders

rest 2 min

Times: 1:24, 1:25, 1:25, 1:31, 1:30, 1:28, 1:41(two misses on hspu's)

Notes: The jerk work felt good today. Need to gain some confidence in both the dip portion and then committing to get under the bar. It was a little awkward doing the jerk recoveries since only have free racks and not a power rack. Despite the lack of equipment I felt I got the needed stimulus. The second part was pretty brutal. I was huffing after jumping off the airdyne but rather than gather myself, I made myself continue work while under distress. The rate limiter in the last few became my triceps on the HSPU's. After all of those rounds of ring dips, they were fried. Also, I missed a few times on double unders. Have to stick these when I am breathing heavy.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Training: 5/5/2011

AM Training:
A. Power Clean: 5x1; 3min rest (225#,230#,235#,240#,250#(m))
B. Clean Pull: 3x1.1.1; 4min rest (250#,260#,275#)
C. Back Squat: 4x2-3; 4min rest (275#,280#,290#,300#)

Notes: Power clean was off in this workout. Did figure out however that I was straightening my legs way too much to get the bar above my knee. This causes me to excessively scoop and push the bar forward; making it not only impossible to jump correctly but to have a correct bar path. Pleased with back squat effort even though my back was fried from all of the pulling.

PM Training:
4 rounds:
6 Snatches (115#) +20m overhead carry
6 Cleans (155#) +20m front rack carry
6 KB Deadlifts (2pd)+ 20m farmer's walk
Muscle Ups: 5x4; 1min rest (no breaks)

Notes: DNFed this workout. After the first round of snatches and cleans my lower back spasmed. Rather than pushing it, I foam rolled and loosened up before doing some skill work on the rings. I guess the morning workout and the run the day before really got my lower back lit up. This has become a bit of an issue with me. Hopefully I can get it squared away before I leave for regionals.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


4x1k run; 3min rest
Times: 3:53,3:52,3:51, 3:51

Notes: Have been waking up early for work so I have been getting my workouts in earlier. Been feeling pretty good too. My calves were destroyed today. Was tight and sore the entire time. Slugged through it was able to put together a consistent effort. Back tightened up also.

Training: 5/2/2011

A.Deadlift: 1RM Gauntlet (405#)
B. Pullup: 1RM (90#)
C. Airdyne: 1:30 for cals (58cals)
D. Flight Simulator: 8:26

Notes: 30 lb. PR on the deadlift. Though I haven't tried for a real 1RM in months. Pullup was also a big PR. Felt strong doing it too. No pain in shoulder etc. ART has definitely been paying off. Flight simulator destroyed my calves.