Saturday, April 30, 2011

Training: 4/29/2011

A. Power Clean: 6x2-3; rest 3min (195#, 210#,230#(2),230#(2), 225#(3))
B. Clean Pull: 4x1.1.1; rest 2min (225#,240#,240#,260#)
C. Deadlift: Heavy Triple (335#)
D. GHD Situps: 3x30; 60 sec rest

Notes: Still seem to be bumping the bar out during the scoop. I have to take a few steps back and relearn how to jump, rather than lying back and bumping the bar forward with my hips and thighs. Deadlifts felt heavy after all the pulling prior, but need to get more exposure here since its a big weakness of mine. GHD situps do work on my lower back.

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