Thursday, April 28, 2011

Training: 4/28/2011

5min Z1 Run
5 sets:
4min @ 90%
4min @ 65%
5min Z1 Run

Notes: Run felt real good today. Haven't ran in what seems like forever. Noticed where my heart rate was when I hit my walls during the runs. At around 172 BPM I think I was hitting my lactate threshold. If I pushed any harder than this, I was not able to hold a pace for more than a minute and my breathing became heavy. Lactate also started to build in my legs. This is valuable information to have so I can train my aerobic zone more effectively.

Now that sectionals are over it's time to make the push for regionals. Taking an introspective look at my strengths and weaknesses, especially after the ups and downs of sectionals, I can now start planning for the weeks to come:
Oly Lifting (jumping vertically and getting rid of lean back that pops the bar out)
Running (increasing my aerobic base. Have been doing so much alactic and cp stuff, I have to be able to dominate at the longer domain: ie 5k)
Core (still struggle with situps. I am going to start incorrporating more plank holds, front carries, etc. to continue to build my midline stability

These are just the ones that are off the top of my head. In addition to this, I have to start maintaining a steady sleep cycle, continue to pound the carbs, and get as mobile as possible in my hips, shoulders, and ankles.

5-7 sets (depending on how I feel and if I am able to sustain an effort)
rest 3min
Results: :33.1, :33.9, :34.1, :34.5, :35.3, :36.4, :35.8

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