Sunday, April 24, 2011

Training: 4/24/2011

Workout 1:
A1. Push Press: 4x3-5 @ 21x1; 2:30 rest (195#,205#,215#,225#(2))
A2. CTB Pullups: 4x18 reps; 2:30rest
B. Muscle Ups: 3 Unbroken on the minute for as long as possible(4min)
C1. Pendlay Rows: 3x10; 60 sec rest (145#)
C2. Anchored Situps: 3x25; 60 sec rest
Added in some clean grip pulls at varying weights

Notes: after yesterdays mental stomping, I managed to get 7 hours of sleep. Still felt a bit deflated after I woke up but was in pretty excited to get out the door and get to the gym to get started on some CP work. Push press was a battle today. Lost focus on the last set, but my shoulders were fried from the heavy sets before hand. 5 reps changes the ballgame immensely. Chest to bar felt great. Need to remember to use arms to pull toward the bar horizontally and not up. That way I can catch the bar and continue the rhythm. Swapped out false grip and went with regular grip after 3rd set of muscle ups. Felt really good as my kip and timing have really improved. The height that you are able to achieve with no false grip is awesome. Unfortunately, I started to blister on my palm on the 5th set so I called it quits there. I need to build the volume on these suckers, they have to be my go to. Situp felt fast and are slowly getting better with time.

Workout 2:
KB Swing
Airdyne Calories
Times: 6:32

Notes: Broke the first to sets into two sets. Kettle bell swings felt good, and my hands felt good. Airdyne was rough on my quads. Still feeling the after effects of yesterday.

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