Sunday, April 17, 2011

Training: 4/17/2011

20min AMRAP:
10 Ring Handstand Pushups
10/10 Pistols
10 GHD Situps

Rounds: 5 rounds + 10 RHSPU+ 2 Pistols

4min AMRAP:
CTB Pullups
Result: 64

Notes: Felt pretty good today. Not too sore from yesterday's efforts. Ice bath and mobility work post-workout definitely helped. Need to keep this in mind come regionals. Today's work went pretty well. On HSPU I got pretty good rope burn behind my knees. Think I am going to invest in some neoprene sleeves because this continues to happen to me. Did most sets unbroken.
Pistols went ok. Didn't fly through them but I was able to finish all 20 in about 1 1/2 minutes. Need more work here. Was feeling impingement in the front of my ankles, trying to squeeze out every available degree of mobility. Back was sore and hands were tender so didn't go all out on CTBs. Off to Chicago for another OPT CCP course....Lifestyle

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