Monday, April 11, 2011

Training: 4/10/2011

15min Z1 run
15min Z1 Airdyne

A1. Bench Press: 5x2-3; 2min rest (225,245,255,265,270)
A2. Wtd. Pistols: 5x3-5; 2min rest (0,5#,10#,15#,15#)
B1. HSPU: 3 x AMRAP (-2); 90sec rest (10,9,9)
B2. Back Extensions: 3x25; 90sec rest

Notes: good to get out and moving after the tester. Shoulder and triceps were shot so bench and hspu were a struggle today. Pistols continue to be an issue for me due to the lack of ankle flexibility. Going to consult a surgeon after the season is over to see if I can get to osteophytes on my ankles taken care of. For now, I have to do the best with what I have.

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