Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Training: 3/13/2011

10min @ Z1
25 sets:
10sec @ 100%
50sec @ 50%
8min cooldown

A1. Press: 5x2-3@21x2;rest 2min (145,155,165,175,185(2))
A2. Wtd. Pullups: 5x2-3; rest 2min (45,50,55,65,70
B. 60 Burpees for time (3:40)
C. Muscle Ups: 2x10 (set 1: 4,3,3 set 2: 4,2,3,1)

Notes: Morning workout went well. Brought the airdyne in front of the television so the 43min was more tolerable. I felt pumped up during the weightlifting workout this afternoon. I did the 60 burpees unbroken, a bit gassed afterward and I recon I wouldn't have been able to pick up the bar and OHS after the effort. I plan on going at around the same time on Saturday, but toward the end of the 60, calm myself so I can save as much time as possible to get on the bar and start cranking out reps. I hope to be able to do the OHS in 2 sets. For the muscle ups, I can't miss. I am not great at them yet so I won't be afraid to go 4,2,2,2. From there, its all about laying down the hammer and seeing how many burpees I can crank out in roughly 2 minutes.

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