Sunday, April 3, 2011

To Hell and Back Again........Testing: 4/3/2011

15min AMRAP:
9 Deadlifts(155#)
12 Pushups
15 Box Jumps (24")

Notes: After the 85% go on Wednesday, I came down with quite a stomach virus. Thursday I was laid up the entire day, barely sucking down a bottle of water throughout the day. I thought that Friday I would bounce back, but I was still feeling very fatigued, nauseous and still suffering from the trots. Saturday came and a headache and the "incessant bowel evacuation" were relentless. I decided to make sure I wasn't in any really trouble and went to the ER to get an IV and get my labs taken. Labs came back negative and I was told it was just a stomach virus. I sucked back two bags of fluid and started downing Imodium like Chiclets. A horrible nights sleep ensured that I had to stay conservative on the workout. I paced it from the get-go, making sure that I would be able to at the very least finish the workout. I took my medicine(figuratively) and finished with a well paced 12+ rounds. Need to shake the rest of this illness off and get back on track.

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