Saturday, March 5, 2011

Training: 3/4/2011

A. Clean: 3x3@ 85%; 3min rest (185#,195#,205#)
B. Clean: 2x1@ 90% (225#,245#(f))
C1. Back Squat: 4x1-2;20sec rest
C2. C-2-B Pullups: 4x18; 3min rest
2min AMRAP:
Result: 70 reps (56 pullups/14Thrusters)
1min rest
2min AMRAP:
Box Jumps
Result: 88 reps (58 box jumps/30 situps)
Notes: My legs are still dead from Wednesday's workout. Adductors are sore and useless. Couldn't generate power from my ass because I couldn't keep my knees out. Technique on clean felt the best its been, have to be more agressive off floor and with elbows. Need confidence here to just go! Chest to bars felt good today. More vertical on my butterfly and pullups with my arms as I rise rather than lying back and floating toward the bar. Though the 2 min goes scored ok, it showed me two things. I am weak on thrusters still (especially when my legs are cooked) and I am extremely weak at situps. I think I would do Annie in 10 minutes.

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