Tuesday, March 22, 2011

training: 3/22/2011

Am Training:
A. Power clean and jerk: 3,2,1; 2 min rest(205,215,235)
B. Deadlift: 8x2 @ 10x0; 1min rest (255#)
C. Ctb pullups: 3x23; 4min rest (all complete)
D. Airdyne: 3x30cals; 3min rest (:36, :50, :46)

Pm training:
3 muscle ups
6 sdhp (135#)
20 box jumps (20")
Time: 6:46

Notes: back is still smoked from he sectional wod. Don't think I am going to try it again. Jerks felt good today. Cns is still a bit fried.
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