Thursday, February 3, 2011


AM Workout:
A. Build to heavy single split jerk; 3x1 at 85% of today's max (255#,215#)
B. Wall facing HSPU ladder; 20 sec b/t sets (6)
C. Ring holds: 3xmax; 90sec rest (30sec,15sec,23sec)

Technique was off today on the jerk. Definitely a break through however in noticing that I push up on the bar with my chest facing the ceiling. This stops me getting down and under the bar. I underestimated how hard the wall facing hspu's would be. Just wall walking up took it out of me. Ring holds were a but more manageable today. I felt it more in my abs than in my hip flexors.

PM Workout:
Karen (150 walls balls for time)-must be in unbroken sets of 3o reps.
Time: 5:52

Felt good during the workout. I was thinking that my quads would be shot but it was actually my shoulders that were most burnt. Wanted to rest the least amount possible on this one and continue to put out power even when hurting. Lungs were fine as I walked away afterward. Not sure if I could even do this workout any faster.

1 comment:

  1. Nice work on the karen!!

    On the HSPUs, those are a much better way to build toward more advanced drills than the regular version. I suspect that they may become the new standard, too.