Friday, February 25, 2011


Training AM:
A. Back Squat: 5x1;4min rest (295#,305#,315#,325#,330#)
B. Power Clean: 5x3; 90sec rest (165#,185#,205#,225#,230#(2))
C. DB Walking Lunge: 4x12 @ 2010; 90sec rest
D. Toes-to-Bar: 5x12; 60sec rest

Training PM:
4 Rounds:
12 CTB Pullups
12 Burpee Broad Jumps
4 Rounds:
1 No Foot Rope Climb
300m Row
(9 rounds + 5 pullups + 10 Pushups)

Notes: Only got a few hours of sleep last night. But held it together nicely today. 10lb. pr on my back squat. 330 went up easier than 325, but I will take it without hesitation. Power cleans felt pretty good today. I am jumping early at heavier weights, pulling from the thigh rather than allowing the bar to slide back into the power position. The dumbell walking lunges DESTROYED my glutes. Never felt anything like it, and I want more.

CTB felt better today, but I still need more exposure. Can't let this trip me up down the road. Rope climbs felt okay, and the rows were tough but good. Cindy was slowed because my quads were crushed. Was thinking to myself, "Can I still hit 30?"

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