Saturday, February 5, 2011

Training: 2/5/2011

AM Workout:
A1. Front Squat: 10x3 @ 20x0; 1min rest (230#)
A2. L-Pullups: 10x3 @ 31x1: 1min rest
B1. Pistols: 8-10reps x 3; 90sec rest
B2. KB swing: 3x20;2pood; 90sec rest

PM Workout:
8sec @ 110%
52sec @ 50%

Notes: The front squats felt heavy today. Haven't gotten great sleep the last couple of nights. L-pullup position was better today. Pistols still need work. Cannot generate any power from a dead stop in the bottom of the pistol. KB swings felt strong. The airdyne work was tough, but I was able to control my heart rate and breathing after each all-out burst.

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