Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Training: 2/1/2011

Am Workout:
Snatch: 6 x 3,2,1,3,2,1; 3min rests (145(2), 155(2), 165(1), 150 (2), 160(1), 175(1))
Back Squat: 10x2 @ 20x0; 2min rests (275#)

PM Workout:
3 Rounds for time:
500m row
21 Sumo deadlift high pull (95#)
30 pullups
Time: 13:12

Notes: The first and second pulls are so much better in my snatch. Bad part is my receiving position is very poor. I investigated this further today and realized I can't even correctly snatch balance the bar. My ass shoots straight back and not between my heels. I think I need to retrain the movement dynamically since I can do it correctly when doing mobility. The second workout was rough, but I was pleasantly surprised that I got through the first round quickly. Then my grip gave way and my hands tore during the pullups on the final round. Tough day on the CNS.

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