Saturday, February 12, 2011

Training: 2/10/2011

A. Snatch Balance; Heavy Single: 185#
B. Power Clean and Jerk @ 75%; 10 x 1; 1min rest (190#)
C. Row Sprints: 300m x 5; 3min rest (:52.3,:53,:54.1,:55.1,:56.4)

Had to figure out the technique on the snatch balance. I was shooting my butt back and it was causing my chest to cave forward and dump the weight. When I thought about my hips between my feet, I had a much better time receiving the weight. The most I ever snatch balanced before this was 145#. The cleans felt pretty good but I am still pulling up with my arms. Row sprints crushed my quads. After the 30 second mark, I was just trying to hold on with all my might.

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