Monday, January 17, 2011

Training: 1/17/2011

PM Workout:
A. Push Press: 5x2-3; 4min rest (195#,205#,215#,225#,235#)
15 Power Snatch (135#)
2 20' Rope Climbs
10 Power Snatch (135#)
3 20' Rope Climbs
5 Power Snatches(135#)
4 20' Rope Climbs

Time: 9:58
My previous PR on the push press was 235#. I did that today 3 times. The rope climbs crushed the grip. The power snatches receiving position was a bit sloppy but I felt like I had great extension. I wanted to push hard with the heavier weight and not allow myself to fall into auto-pilot just because it was a "heavier" metcon.

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