Friday, January 14, 2011

Training: 1/14/2011

AM Workout:
A. Front Squat, Work to heavy single (275#)
Have more in tank, not going for 1RM
B. 2 Jerk Balance + 2 Tall Jerk x 5sets; 2min rest (95#,105#,115#,125#)
Worked on dropping down using more of the back leg than lunging with the front leg. Felt so much faster and the arms were locking out easier.
C. Split Jerk 5x1 @ 83% 1RM; 2min rest (215#)
Felt strong here. The lock out was much easier and a lot less wasted movement.
Can't wait to see if this works at heavier loads.
AMRAP in 10min
5 ring inversion + pullup
50m low bar prowler push (30#)
rounds: 8.5
This hurt bad, but I felt very strong. After each and every prowler push, my quads were burning and my heart was beating hard. I tried to keep this feeling throughout, staying in the suck zone and refusing to stop and recover by resting. Did all ring movements unbroken (back was on fire with these).

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