Saturday, January 1, 2011

Training: 1/1/2011

A. 10min handstand walking practice
Got about 10-15 feet on average. Can't seem to keep body in alignment and its difficult to get my momentum forward.
B1. HSPU facing wall @ 30x3; 4 sets; 90sec rest (7,7,7,4,5)
The last two sets I got my hands very close to the wall, about two or three inches away. This made it much more difficult.
B2. No feet rope climb; 25 ft. 5 sets; 90 sec rest
C1. Ring dips 6-8 reps @ 32x1; 4 sets; 60 sec rest (5/45#, 5/35#, 5/25#,
Went too heavy on dips. Could only hold tempo for about 4-5 reps
C2. Straight arm ring inversions x 8 reps;
Surprisingly difficult
D. Ring support AMSAP x 3sets; 60 sec rest (45sec x3)

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