Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Training: 1/11/2011

AM Workout:
A. Front Squat: 10x3 @ 20x0; 2min rest (205#)
B. DB Split Squat: 3x6-8 @ 3010; 60 rest b/t legs (50,52,52 w/ 10 lb. weight belt)
Was over-arching a bit when changing directions. Causes some strain in my lower back. Might need to keep the core more engaged.
C. Banded GH raises 4x8-10 reps; 90 sec rest (red tubbing)
Made it much more difficult with the band. Hammies were fried!
D. Toes to bar: 4x10; 45 sec rest
Fast and straight legged

PM Workout:
Airdyne: 90% effort 2min (cals: 53,55,50)
50% effort 2min
x 3 sets
10min AMRAP turkish getups w/ 2 pood (15)
Airdyne: 90% effort 2min (cals: 52,52,52)
50% effort 2min
x 3 sets
These hurt a good amount. The turkish getups were not fun at all. But once I got the correct positioning of the kettlebell, I didn't fail any reps.

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