Saturday, December 31, 2011

Training: 12/31/2011

AM Training:
KBS (2pd)
Box Jumps (24")
Time: 6:20

Notes: This was a brutal workout.  I stayed in the suck for a good portion of this workout.  I starting hurting at the set of 15 and it didn't stop until 3 min after I finished.  I am pleased with the KB swings, going unbroken with the games standard.  The box jumps were a little off since I am still kind of relearning how to do them.
AM Training

PM Training:
A1. Fat Bar Bench Press: 4x4-6 @ 40x0; rest 10sec (155,160,165,170)
A2. Dips: 4x12 @ 30x0; rest 10sec (UB,UB,8/4,8/4)
A3. Push Press: 4x25 @ 20x0; rest 2min (10/10/5)
B. DB Ext. Rotation: 3x4-6 @ 5010; rest 60sec b/t sides (20,20,25)

Notes: My right biceps tendon started aggravating me after yesterday's overhead work so I was cautious to not get too ballistic on my left shoulder.  Push presses were tough on the triceps.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Training: 12/30/2011

A. Power Snatch + OHS: 4x1+2 @ 70%; rest 1min
B. OHS: 5,3,1 @ 32x1;rest 4min
C. 7min: Zercher Carry (165lbs.), Stone Carry(115lbs.), Farmer's Carry (70lbs./hand)

Notes: Felt fired up tonight.  Always fun to throw some weight around.  I have been wondering what my 1RM OHS might be.  The most weight I have ever done was 205lbs. x 5.  Hitting 250lbs.  is a pretty cool thing, especially at this point of the year.  It really is a culmination of what the last 12 months has been about: improving strength and increasing ankle mobility. If this is a preview for what's to come in 2012, I am pretty excited. 

With that said, I feel like I am at  camp III on Everest.  I look down and see my old self down at base camp, weak and still wet behind the ears.  I look up at camp number IV and I see AJ, a baby gorilla with twice the strength and work capacity than me, hundreds of feet above me.  Far off in the distance however is the summit, and I can barely see a figure there.  The snow is too dense and the fog too thick to really make out who is there.  I lace up my shoes and prepare to climb.  I am excited to continue on my journey.  I am excited to train.  I am excited to suffer.  I am excited to feel good.  I am excited to sleep.  I am excited to attempt things that I may or may not be able to do.  Year ends tomorrow, let's end on a high note. 

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Training: 12/28/2011

9 sets:
10 Burpees AFAP
20sec Airdyne 100%
 rest 2:30
Results (avg. watts):
1. 560
2. 636
3. 635
4. 597*
5. 690
6. 616
7. 660
8. 566*
9. 675

Notes: My quads were killing me from the workout the day before.  Warmed up and got it going, feeling that I would get more limber as the workout progressed.  Burpees were all done fast, jumping on the bike and hitting some pretty good wattage from set to set.  Tried to maintain a consistent wattage throughout, and not hit a critical drop-off.

Threw in 50 sandbag pickups to 30" box for some extra grip work. Time: 3:14

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Training: 12/27/2011

A1. Back Squat: 4x4-6 @ 40x0; rest 10sec (230,232,235,237)
A2. DB Walking Lunges: 4x12steps @ 1010; rest 10sec (50lbs.)
A3. Jumping Squat w/ empty bar: 4x25; rest 3min
B1. Wtd. Chin Ups: 4x4 @ 31x1; rest 10sec (15lbs.)
B2. CTB Pullups: 4x9; rest 10sec
B3. Kipping Pullups: 4x14; rest 3min

Notes: Brutal, just brutal.  This is just metabolic torture to the muscles.  Didn't use the belt today because I want to try and work on mid-line stability.  I also really focused on not overextending during the lunges, coming straight up after each rep.  Did the jump squat 5 at a time because my quads were on fire.

Increase of the amount of pullups from last week.  I chose to use a different bar today with a bit better grip.  It definitely helped.  Also went with a supinated grip on the wtd. pullups, they felt pretty strong and was able to keep tempo.  Butterflied all pullups and it felt good.  My head was swimming with fatigue and lactate by the end of the second set.

Afterward, I did some ext. rotation work with a band and also tested out some grip work by picking up and putting down some heavy sandbags.  Definitely going to incorporate some of this into my routine for some supplemental grip work.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Training: 12/26/2011

A. Snatch: 6x1.1; rest 4min (2waves-155,165,175,165,175,185(1))
B. Split Jerk: 4x1.1.1; rest 4min (225,245(2),245,265(1))
C. Hang Clean: 5x3; rest 90sec (185,205,215,225,235)

Notes: I was looking forward to today when I saw it on my schedule.  Snatches, jerks, and cleans.....sounds like my kind of party.  I have been working on my technique in the snatch and I felt a few times it really hit smoothly, while a few other times I was caught of position.  One of the biggest problems I am still noticing is the excessive jump back that sometimes leaves the bar out in front.  If a problem doesn't show up in training, then you have nothing to work on, that's the way I see it.  I can address it here, and clean it up before competition time.  

I was a bit pressed for time so I jumped up quickly in the jerk.  This was not a good idea, since I think the last jerk I did was about two months ago.  It felt very heavy and my footwork was a bit off.  Hit 245 for a triple which I was pleased with, but the last set was sloppy.  Here, I feel that my feet are catching before I am fully locked out.  Once again, something that I can address with some light tech work.

Hang squat cleans were cheesecake today.  I felt the bar falling into the perfect position every time.  This is a big confidence booster for me.  The only time I had trouble was regripping the bar a few times.  I think I could have hit something even heavier today but I will have to wait until next time.

To all of my friends, fans, and clients who support me, belated merry christmas to all.  As the year winds down, I have to remain focused on the task at hand, but once the new year hits, it's countdown to carnage....2.0!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Training: 12/24/2011

A1. Fat Bar Bench Press: 4x4-6 @ 40X0; rest 10sec (150,152,155,157)
A2. Dips: 4x12 @ 30x0; rest 10sec (BW)
A3. Hand Release Pushups: 4x25 @ 20X0; rest 2min (all sets broken)

rest 5min

B1. RDL: 4x4-6 @ 31X0; rest 10sec (165,175,185,195)
B2. GH Raises: 4x12 @ 30x0; rest 10sec (BW,BW, 10,10)
B3. Russian KB Swings: 4x25; rest 3min (unbroken)

Notes: felt better with both of these workouts today.  Used more appropriate weights for the upper body movements. 

Friday, December 23, 2011

Training: 12/23/2011

Build to Heavy Bar Turkish Get-up (95lbs. both left/right)
10 Rounds @ 80%:
3 Muscle Ups
6 HSPU (abmat + 35lb. plates)
9 Box Jumps (30")
15sec L-sit
3 Triple Unders

Time: 28:57

Notes:  Wanted to get some fresh skill work in to warm-up today.  Decided to work up to a heavy TGU on each arm using a barbell.  Definitely tough, but it got my whole body warm and I need some touches on new things just in case they pop up in competition.  

Went unbroken in the workout on all movements but the triple unders.  Fortunately, I got used to them by the 5th round and I was able to them consecutively.  L-sits were tough but I was able to hit every 15 second mark (though it was extremely difficult).  

Thursday, December 22, 2011


Yesterday's 285 Front Squat.....Cheesecake

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Training: 12/21/2011

A. Build to Heavy Single Front Squat Quickly (285lbs.)
B1. Back Squat: 4x4-6 @ 40x0; rest 10sec (225,230,230,230)
B2. DB Walking Lunges: 4x12steps @ 1010; rest 10sec (50lbs/hand)
B3. Wall Balls: 4x25 to 11'; rest 3min
C. DB Fat Gripz Farmer's Carry: 4x30sec; rest 60sec (25,25,30,30)

Notes:  Felt better today.  Extra motivation after getting the new dew.  285 felt like cheesecake, but rather than go down that road, I moved on to the terror that lie in wait.  This workout was brutal.  First set went by okay, but after the second set, the volume of wall balls started to eat away at my lower back and quads.  Butt was seizing up too.  All wall balls unbroken and the rest of the movements were done at tempo.  Collapsed afterward in pain and simultaneous elation knowing that it was over.

Donny Shankle....USA 105KG

Training: 12/20/2011

5 Rounds:
500m Row
15 Burpees
Time: 14:13

Notes: I did this workout back in September in exactly 15minutes.  It was after another workout, but still it's a big PR, and also a big confidence booster because I have felt like crap since the COF.  Kept the row at 1:51 the entire time and cruised on the burpees.

Time to get back to business! MRMRRFW!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Training: 12/19/2011

A1. Wtd. Pullups: 4x4 @ 31x1; rest 10sec (10,15,20,20)
A2. Chest to Bar Pullups: 4x8; rest 10sec (all ub)
A3. Kipping Pullups; rest 3min (ub,ub,ub, 7,5)
10min AMRAP:
10 Unbroken HSPU
10 GHD Situps
6 rounds + 10 HSPU

Notes: Got about 7.5 hours sleep last night and then get up around 5:30am for personal training.  Had decent energy this morning, but I was still sore in my chest and tris from last Thursday's workout.  Wised up this time around on the weights.  Built as I went.  I used our new pullup bars to try and make the grip as difficult as possible, and boy did it.  My forearms and biceps were absolutely roasted by the fourth round.  Felt good on the HSPU, back wasn't too bad on the GHD situps.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Training: 12/17/2011

A. Snatch Pull: 5x1.; rest 3min (155, 185, 205, 225, 245)
B1. RDL: 4x4-6 @ 31x0; rest 10sec (155,165,175,185)
B2. GH Raises: 4x12; rest 10sec
B3. Russian KB Swings: 4x25; rest 3min
C. Box Jumps: 5x15; rest 30sec

Notes: Poor night's sleep. Still feeling fatigued from Sunday. Snatch pulls felt good today. Getting more extension through the second pull without pushing the bar out. 6-12-25, not bad metabolically, more taxing on the CNS. Need to land soft on the box jumps.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Training: 12/16/2011

10min Z1 Run
5 Rounds:
60sec Deck Squats
20sec Hollow Hold
40sec FLR
10min Row
5 rounds:
60sec Skipping Rope
30sec Side Plank L
30sec Side Plank R
10min Airdyne

Notes: Still shaking off the cold so energy was a bit low today. Still dealing with phloem etc. also. First 5 rounds were tough. Lots of sneaky core work there. Need it though. All good everywhere else. Did about 20min mobility afterward focusing on hips and ankles.

Training: 12/15/2011

A. Press: 3,2,1; rest 2min (145,165,185)
B1. Fat Bar Bench Press: 4x4-6 @ 40x0; rest 10sec (145,145,145,155)
B2. Wtd. Dips: 4x12 @ 30x0; rest 10sec (45(11), 25(6)/BW(6), BW, BW)
B3. Hand Release Pushups: 4x25; rest 2min (brokenx4)
10min AMRAP:
1 No ft. Rope climb
2 HSPU on Paralettes

Notes: First workout back since the competition. Didn't eat enough today. Not a lot of energy going into the workout. Press felt good. I went too heavy on the first set of dips and burned my triceps out for the rest of the workout. Oh well, I still felt the burn throughout the four sets. All good on rope climbs and paralettes.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Clash of the Fittest....Moving Forward

I sit here nursing a bit of a head cold. My back is a little tight, but other than that I feel pretty good. I just finished watching the season finale of one of my favorite shows, Boardwalk Empire. I can't help to compare a season finale to what this past weekend was all about. Were some questions answered? Yes. Are there a whole new mess of questions yet to be answered? Yes. Were you excited to see the outcome, while also sad that it was over? Yes. Do you want the next season to start right away? Of course, but there is a lot of work to be done between now and then. Time to work. Time to think. Time to struggle. Time to make gains. Time to look back on what you were. Time to look forward to what you want to become. And plenty of time to live in the now.

Obviously I can look back on the last 14 months and see the progress that I have made. From being a triathlete, to competing in the regionals, and now a podium finish at a Crossfit competition. Does it feel good....kinda. Does it feel good to beat others at a sport, and compete a high level? Yes, but not for the obvious reasons. What I really enjoy about competition is it allows me to see what I have to work on in training, and then get back to work. I am a sculptor, working in low light constantly breaking down and refining the product in my hands. Only once in a while do I bring the product out into the sunlight to see how far I have come. Once I see that there are some hard edges and spaces that need to be filled in, I am anxious to quickly get back to the workshop to continue my quest for a perfect product. This is where I am now.

The difficult part is picking out the pieces that need the most work and improving them, while not ruining any pieces that are fine as they are.

Lower back endurance- Needs to improve to ensure objects being lifted from the ground don't slow my performance. I want a lower back of iron.

Grip endurance-Have to be able to hold on to bars and kettlebells for longer.

Sleep-This is getting better, but pre-competition anxiety has to give way fully at some point if I want to compete at my highest possible level.

Recently, an athlete I admire had a poor performance in a national event. Someone tried picking him up by saying, "Definition of success: going from one failure to another without loss of enthusiasm." This weekend was a failure, but I keep a positive outlook and I am excited for the journey ahead. You can't change the past, the future isn't guaranteed, might as well live in the now. Forward........

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Training: 12/10/2011

30sec @ 90%
30sec @ 50%

Notes: Felt good here. I am feeling a bit of sniffle coming on this afternoon. Hopefully a good night's sleep will take care of that. Going to do some mobility tonight.

Training: 12/9/2011


A. Power Snatch: work quickly to a moderate single in few sets (185lbs.)

B. OH Squat: 3 x 5 @ 135lb; rest 60 sec

C. Toes to Bar: 2 x 15, rest as needed

D. KB Swing: 3 x 10 (32kg), rest 30 sec

Notes: Felt okay today. Still haven't caught a good night's sleep this week. Hit a solid snatch, then called it there. I felt good with all the movements and threw in some handstand walks and bar muscle ups to get a few more touches. I also hit a double under PR too. Good confidence under the belt for that.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Training: 12/7/2011

AM Workout:
A. Build to Heavy Power Clean (255lbs.)
3 sets:
30sec Wall Balls
30sec rest
30sec Pistols
30sec rest
30sec Double Unders
60sec rest

PM Workout
10/10 KB Snatches
40' Handstand Walk
Result: 4:18

Notes: Haven't been getting enough sleep and my body feels pretty beaten down. I have had to get up early after working late the last few days. I am not concerned, I have a day off tomorrow and I have a couple of days to recuperate before the competition. Hands are pretty sore, and my lats are tight. Need sleep......

Training: 12/6/2011

A. Thruster: Build to Heavy Single (225lbs.)
4 Sets:
AMRAP Bar Muscle Ups (6,6,6,7)
15 Burpees AFAP
rest 5min

Notes: Legs were feeling a bit fatigued today. 225lbs. was tough but doable. I did the bar muscle ups, and they felt very good. No problems there, but they heated up my hands, and I felt blisters starting to form, so I capped the amount to keep my hands from ripping. Looking forward to this workout on Sunday.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Training: 12/4/2011

AM Training:
For time @ 80%:
15 KB Snatches (53lbs.)
10/10 Pistols
25 Toes to Bar
30 KB Swings (70 lbs.)
35 Box Jumps
70 Double Unders
Time: 6:53

PM Training:
8min Row @ Z1
2min HS Walking Practice
8min Airdyne @ Z1
2min HS Walking Practice
8min Run
2min HS Walking Practice

Notes: Hit the workout after breakfast this morning. Got a solid warm-up of my shoulders, hips, and ankles. Quads were pretty shot going in, most likely from the fatigue of the previous 2 days of training. I was able to keep the intensity down better during this workout as opposed to the workout Friday. The movements aren't as taxing and the skill is a bit higher. KB snatches went well, and my lead foot only hit twice on the pistols, reps that I did not count (turns out that the standard next weekend will allow for the lead foot to touch). I did the toes to bar on the smooth new bars that we have in the gym, much tougher to grip, but something that I have to be prepared for. Pretty taxing on the grip. Did the KB swings with the regional standard from last year, and it was very tough (turns out this also will be different this weekend. The KB must be between parallel and perpendicular to the floor). Box jumps were tough, especially since I stood up on the box each time. I will take advantage of the standard this weekend and jump off the box while opening my hips each rep. Tightened up the jump rope the other day, and the double unders felt almost effortless.

Afternoon recovery session felt great. After a few sets of handstand walks, I was able to fall into a solid groove. Hit some snatch technique work afterward because I still had a bitter taste in my mouth from Saturday. Turns out I was shifting my hips into the bar a bit prematurally sending me onto my toes and causing a jump back, leaving the bar forward. Once I got the bar higher onto the hip, the catch became much more effortless.

Biochem final on Tuesday, time to shift gears and get some studying done.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Training: 12/3/2011

A. Build quickly to Heavy Snatch (135,165,185,205(mx4)
B1. COVP Pullups: 3x15; rest 90sec
B2. Hand Release Pushups: 3xAMRAP(-3); rest 90sec (18,18,18)
C. Row Sprints: 3x60sec @ 90%,95%,100%; rest 2min (309m, 316m, 332m)

Notes: Still can't receive well in the bottom of my snatch. Power snatches seem to be fine, but there is something funky going on in my catch that doesn't allow me to cleanly receive the weight in my heels. Though I got under 205 all four attempts, realistically, none of them were clean lifts. All were forward when catching the bar. Tough to get a groove with it when you get a touch every couple weeks. But, we have bigger priorities than 1RM snatches.

COVP felt good, and are getting bettter. I paced the row sprints better than the run sprints last week. One reason is because of the instant feedback you get from the rower, the other reason is getting a feel for the higher power gears.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Training: 12/2/2011

For Time @ 80%:
5 Bar Facing Burpees After Each Movement (135lbs.):
12 Thrusters
12 Push Jerk
12 OHS
12 Front Squats

rest 3min

8min AMRAP:
5/5 KB Snatch (53lbs.)
10 Toes to Bar
100m Run
Rounds: 5 or 6

Notes: I knew this workout would be tough to keep at 80% because of the high power output on most of the movements. I think the intensity probably crept up to around 85-90%, but I definitely left a good amount in the tank. Did an extra burpee and an extra OHS (usually I do it the other way around, so no bummer there). I am expecting a 15 to 20 second faster time when I do this next Sunday. The front squats at the end were the hardest part. MY QUADS! were smoked. Burpees no problem, was overly pacing them to keep the heart rate down. I think I can go a little quicker on them next week. Was a bit concerned that my lower back was smoked after this workout. Made the second workout very tough, especially with the KB snatches. I am still suffering from the high rep deadlifts from the other day. Need to ice, ice, ice and SMRT to loosen that up. Toes to bar felt smooth.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Training: 11/30/2011

AM Training:
Wall Balls (20lbs.)
KB Swings (2pood)
Time: 3:36

rest 10min
20 Bar Facing Burpees
20 SDHP (95lbs.)
500 Row
Time: 3:41

rest 10min
40 Calorie Airdyne
100 Double Unders
Time: 2:58

PM Workout:
12min AMRAP:
30' Handstand Walk
15 Deadlifts (135lbs.)
Rounds: 9 +2 Deadlifts

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Training: 11/29/2011

A. Thrusters: 4x10; rest 90sec (135)
B. 10min KB Snatch Practice (53lbs.)
C. Pistols: 4x7/7; rest 60sec
D. Double Unders: 5xAMRAP (73,68, 45, 70, 25)

Notes: Still a little fatigued today. Shoulders are still a bit tired from the weekend. Knew this would be an important workout for my psyche because pistols has been m goat for some time and it's in the second workout at the COF. They felt pretty good, but I have to do them with my weightlifting shoes on, I am hopeless without them. I did the double unders and also tried some 30" box jumps in them as well and they were fine. Sitting here writing this post my knees are a bit sore, but nothing crazy. One day closer......

Saturday, November 26, 2011


Individualized Design client Kelsey K. smokes 325 lbs. (clean grip too)!
This is a 40 lb. jump in under 4 months.

Competition Simulation

WOD #1:
3 rounds for time:
10 Power Clean and Jerks (135lbs.)
40' Handstand Walk
10 Chest to Bar Pullups
Time: 4:50

WOD #2:
3min Countdown Timer:
500m Row
Max Double Unders in Time Remaining
rest 1min
Total Double Unders: 199

WOD #3:
25min AMRAP:
400m Run
20 Burpees
30 KB Swings (16kg)
Result: 6 rounds

Notes: Didn't sleep much last night. Not at all I don't think. I took some melatonin at around 11pm. Though it allowed me to relax a bit, I started off in bed with thoughts of today. That spiked my anxiety and it was hopeless. So I just relax and meditated until around 7am.

Coached class this morning then AJ came in to take part in the competition simulation since he will also be taking part in the Clash of the Fittest, which is only a couple weeks away. First workout went well. I was able to be consistent on the handstand walks, and they didn't tax me too aerobically. Broke up the clean and jerks into doubles but tried to stay efficient and relaxed throughout. After the workout, AJ called it a day. Looked like crap coming in this morning, gutted through the first workout, and thought it would be wiser to get some rest than risk it.

Second workout I planned on pulling a 1:40 and then breaking into sets of 30. Rows felt fine, but I didn't trust myself to be able to really go after the double unders without fear of burning out my shoulders and forearms. High rep double unders still seems to be my goat.

Last workout I wanted to choose a pace from the beginning that would allow me to move at a steady pace. The burpees weren't too bad and I was consistently banging out 1:40 splits on the 400s. Ripped on the outsides of my ring fingers with the smaller kettlebell. All in all, surprised at how good I felt even though I don't tackle this time domain too often. I guess the movements didn't get my heart rate going too much.

Time to rest up and prepare for the final push to the COF.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Training: 11/25/2011

5 sets:
3 Hang Power Snatch (155lbs.)
100m Row
rest 2:45
Row Times: 16.9,16.6,16.9,16.8, 16.6

Notes: Felt good today. Not feeling effects from Thanksgiving. Good night's sleep also. Ready for Saturday.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Training: 11/24/2011

A. Power Clean + 24m Handstand Walk
1. 225+1 break
2. 245 + unbroken
3. 255 + unbroken
4. 265+ unbroken
5. 270(f) + 1break

B. Muscle Ups: 3xAMRAP; rest 3min (7,7,6)
C. GHD Situps: 3x15; rest 45sec

Notes: Thanksgiving. No off days when you are working toward your goals. Back felt good after I started to warm up. Funny how something that is so debilitating can just vanish after a thorough warm up. Power cleans were a bit off today, but the pull was there. After the workout, I lightened the weight and compared my pulls to the snatch, which is much more comfortable for me. Turns out my shoulders in my clean starting position are farther back than in my snatch. When I changed this up, the pulls fell into place and I was in a better position in the catch.

Handstand walks went well. I just have to be comfortable to let go and keep falling forward, rather then fighting against myself. 24m is farther than my PR, so I was pleased to do it multiple times.

I worked with A.J. a bit on my muscle ups after I showed him the film. Turns out I was not forcefully driving my legs back down after my kip up. This was causing me to get caught against my own body, rather than be propelled over the top.

Couple tweaks here and there (back, hip, elbow), but feel good overall.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Training: 11/23/2011

A. Snatch: Light Technique Work; 12min (power snatch, snatch, snatch high pull)
B. Front Squat: @ 10x0; rest 60sec (155lbs.)
C. Run 400m @ 90%,95%,100%; rest 2min b/t runs (1:09, 1:08, 1:08)
D. Leg Lowering Abs: 3x6-8 @ 2511; rest 90sec

Notes: Worked on some snatch high pulls into hang snatches. Worked on staying more upright through the second pull, instead of leaning back so much. Felt very good to be more upright. I tweaked a rib muscle in my upper back on the speed front squats. Tensed too much on the concentric motion and felt a pop/grab in my right side. Continued on with the workout, as it was more annoying than painful. Did a few warm-up sprints for the 400s and then hit them. First one felt good, as did the second. The third one was pretty painful. Finished off the leg lowering abs, these burn very bad.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Training: 11/22/2011

5min Handstand Walking Practice (EMOM 40')
8min AMRAP @ 85%
5/5 Pistols
15 COVP Pullups
Result: 5+10+13
rest 2min

8min AMRAP @ 85%:
40m Overhead BB Walk (155lbs.)
20 Double Unders
40m Barbell Carry on Back (275lbs)
Results: 3 + 20m walk

Notes: I did about 20-30 minutes mobility at home working on hips, back, and ankles. I was a bit tight in my lower back, it this affected my handstand walking a little bit. Shoulders were also a bit sore from the workouts on Sunday. Pistols weren't too bad. I no repped myself a few times for letting the opposite leg touch the ground on the way down, but other than that, it went pretty smooth. COVP pullups are getting much better and I feel much more comfortable with my kip. I feel this work will help with chest to bars and butterfly. The second part was tough. Shoulders were fried so I broke up the overhead walk into 20m out, rest, 20m back. Felt pretty good today.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Day Off-College Kickers

I am not one to rant and rave about anything in particular (of course not), but it's my day off and I need to post something.

This college football season has shown me that I missed my true calling. I should have been a field goal kicker in college.

Hear me out.

First, you get a full scholarship to some of the best academic schools in the nation (see Stanford, Duke, Notre Dame etc.)

Second, if your team wins a national championship or even a bowl game, you can put that on your resume and flash that ring at the bar, and all you had to do is avoid being trampled on a kick off return.

Lastly, you don't have to actually make any field goals outside of 22 yards. "WHAT?" you may say. That's right, you don't even have to make clutch field goals.

Take a look at every big loss this year. It is linked to kickers missing field goals. I mean a lot of these weren't even close! LSU v. Alabama: 3 missed field goals and one blocked. None of these even had a chance. Alabama loses in overtime. Boise St. v TCU: a miracle holding call on fourth down was soured by the Trojan's: Boner of the Week award with a miserable attempt at a kick from 30 something yards. And finally, this past weekend we had Oregon miss a 37 yarder to shatter the Ducks chance at a National Championship bid (and fall short of one of the best fourth quarter comebacks in recent memory).

I know what people are going to say, "It takes a team to lose, etc. etc., etc." and "It's not the kickers fault." What about when a player puts his team on his back and carries them to a victory? Do we not glorify that player and give them a game MVP? We should do the same for those who cost us the win: "The BRWL (biggest reason we lost) award goes to Alejandro Maldonado! You know what, at some point it has to be someone's fault. If you are playing golf in an alternate shot format and you hit a wedge from 120 yards out to 2 feet from the pin and your partner misses it to lose the match, is it your fault for not knocking your wedge in? Of course not, at some point someone has to take responsibility. I have never seen a more coddling exhibition of failure in sports then when a coach consoles a kicker after a miss. He's not doing his job.

Universities, instead of wasting your resources recruiting kickers, why not foot the bill for some anger management courses for your disgruntled law enforcement. Then again, it's been at least 40 years since the term "Hippy Bashing" was relevant.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Training: 11/20/2011

AM Training:
2 Deadlifts (335lbs.)
2 Muscle Ups
Rounds: 11 + 1 deadlift

PM Training:
4 Rounds:
15 KB Swings (24kg)
15 Ball Slams (20lbs.)
15 Burpees
15 Push Press (95lbs.)
Time: 10:14

Notes: Hit the first workout at around 9am. Warmed up with some rowing and mobility, then built up in weight for the deadlift. Strategy going in was just to keep it under control and not get stuck on muscle ups. The deadlifts were tough right from the get-go. Muscle ups were pretty smooth all the way through. I switched up grips a few times so that I didn't burn out my grip. Deadlift has to improve if I want to be elite. Unfortunately, it's just something that is going to take time.

The second workout, I got a solid sweat going prior. Rolled out the middle of my back because it was tight and sore from the morning workout. I was a bit unsure going into this workout. I was unsure of the time domain. I was unsure of the power output. I think I went out a bit too hard, because the workout hurt after the second round. I made the decision then not to back off, since it wouldn't feel any better, and I knew this was a tester. Fortunately I was able to hold a fairly high power output and keep moving through at a good pace. Burpees were tough since my hip flexors are still roasted from Friday's MAP session. All in all, I am pleased with the way I felt today. Need to get plenty of rest, tough week ahead.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Training: 11/19/2011

AM Training:
5k @ Z1

PM Training:
Snatch Balance + Hang Snatch+ Snatch: 3x1+1+1; rest 3min (135,155,170)
8 sets:
40sec Airdyne
6:20 rest
Results (avg. watts at 40sec)
1. 535
2. 571
3. 573
4. 577
5. 585
6. 600
7. 598
8. 589

Notes: Ran in a charity 5k this morning at a Z1 pace. Went right to the gym afterward and got to work. Hip flexors were smoked from yesterday's workout, and I noticed it effected my receiving position. After speaking with my coach, I went at the Airdyne sprints a bit differently. I tried to go hard, tracking the avg. watts each time. Was able to increase the watts each set, so this leads me to believe that I was utilizing lactate as fuel. I felt is was a good session, much better than my other lactate intervals on the Airdyne.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Training: 11/17/2011

Max L-Sit Hold (29sec)
3min Row (887m)
rest 2min
3min @ 90%:
1 Rope Climb (20')
10 Box Jumps (20") (4 rounds)
2min rest
3min Airdyne (68 cals)
2min rest
10 GHD Situps + Wallball Toss (10lbs.)
10 Jumping Deck Squats (2 rounds + 3reps)
rest 2min
10 Clapping Push ups
15 sec Hollow Body Hold (4rounds +10reps)
3 sets:
leg lowering abs x10 reps @ 2311; rest 60sec

Notes: Good day of training today. Friday is another day I have to wake well before the sun comes up, but I felt good after getting in a meal and lying down for a while after work. Trained with A.J. today. It's always good to do training like this with someone else. Keeps you sharp. Not to try and beat them, but it keeps you focused and allows you to be honest on each and every rep. Each 3min go felt good. Was able to hold a high effort without redlining like I was a couple of weeks ago.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Training: 11/16/2011

AM Training:
10-1 L-Pullups
1-10 BWT Bench Press (180lbs.)
Time: 11:16

PM Training:
3 sets:
20 Thrusters (95lbs.)
25 Pullups
30 cal Airdyne
rest 10min
Results: 2:16, 2:22, 2:16

Notes: Worked early this morning and got the first workout in after. My left biceps tendon was a bit inflammed before the workout. First time I did L-pullups during a workout. Didn't completely lock out arms a bunch of times here, but was able to keep legs in L position. To get fully extended (through the shoulders), I have to drop my legs, something I didn't want to do. Chest was burning toward the end.

Second workout of the day, I was bit fatigued, but was able to pull it together and put forth a good effort. Heart rate shot up right away on the thrusters, which didn't get bad until about the 17th rep each set. No problem getting right on the pullup bar. I had to keep reminding myself not to hold my breath during the pullups. Airdyne was brutal. Holding the high effort for over a minute was real mental challenge.

****Quick side note. Just got my programming for the next 10 days or so. It looks rough going forward. I sit here looking at it saying to myself, "How can I do this? This looks too hard for me. I am not going to be good at any of these things. I am not strong, I don't have that kind of capacity. I won't be able to recover." It's time to be a man. It's time to be like A.J., Rory, and Nate. No, I want to be better than them. It's time to put my head down and plow forward. If I can make it through this next round of training, I will gain the confidence that I need. The confidence to feel like I belong. That can hang with the big boys.The path to success is not walked, it's forged through hard work and struggle. Time to get in my cave and hunker down.

"Do a little bit more each day than you think you possible can"- Lowell Thomas

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Training: 11/15/2011

A. Power Snatch + Hang Snatch + Snatch: 6x1+1+1; rest 3min (135,145,155,165(f),165,170)
B. Snatch Balance: 3x3; rest 2min (135,155,185)
C. OHS: 5x5; rest 3min (185,195,200,205,210(1))

Notes: Felt good to snatch today. Legs are still a little weak from this weekend, but all is all a pretty good day. The complex felt pretty good, but there is still something that isn't smooth snatching from the deck. The power snatch feels good, as does the hang snatch, but there is a disconnect from the floor. Snatch balances felt pretty good although the weight felt very heavy today. My shoulders were roasted by the time I got to OHS. Was able to work up to a pretty heavy weight. I was focusing on pressing my scapula up to help stabilize the weight, and take some stress off of the shoulders. Quads were burning on the later sets.

Training: 11/14/2011

15min AMRAP:
3 HSPU on Paralettes
5/5 Pistols w/ 25lbs.
L-Sit Hold 30sec
Results: 3 rounds + 3 + 5/5
15min Airdyne
15min Row
15min Mobility

Notes: HSPU were no problem. Only failed on a couple of reps of pistols. Still grooving the right pathway down. Sometimes I lose the connection between my mind and my leg and can't get up smooth. L-sits.....HORRIBLE. Max I could do was 10 seconds. Isometric core stuff is definitely my goat. Just very bad.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

CF Construction Series #1

Event #1: 1RM Back Squat

Event #2: Triple Jump (3 attempts)
23' 10.5"

Event #3: 2500m Row

Event #4: 10 Rounds for time: 10 Burpees + 10 COVP Pullups

Notes: Got about 4 hours sleep last night. I think that was a PR before a competition (I have pre-competition anxiety that prevents me from all). Felt good this morning. In good spirits and ready to compete. Back squats felt pretty good, no problems there. Still had some trouble with the triple jump, no worries there. For the row, I wanted to go negative splits from one 500m to the next. I was successful (see picture). Felt good and paced very well. Walked away with just enough hurt and burning in the quads. Last workout, I tried to hold a high pace throughout and not waste time on transitions. Wore my gymnastics grips, but took them off half way through since they were more a nuisance than an aide. I think doing kipping pullups (rather than butterfly) have less friction on the hands.

All in all I am pleased with my performance today, and I have a renewed sense of confidence in my game. Over the past few weeks there have been some ups and downs, but all that matters is how you perform on game day.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Training: 11/11/2011

A. Hang Power Snatch: 3x5; rest 90sec (135,140,155)
B. Pullups: 3x12; rest 60sec
C. Burpees: 4x10; rest 60sec
D. Row Sprints: 4x100; rest 3min (16.7,16.5,16.4,16.3)

Notes: Felt good today. Ready to rock tomorrow. Bring it.....

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Training: 11/9/2011

A. Power Clean: 4x1.1 @ 85%; rest 4min (225,235,235,235)
B. Front Squat: Build to Heavy Single+2x2 @ 85%; rest 4min (285, 242.5)
C. AMRAP 7min Pullups w/ 45lbs. (37 reps)
D. Front Splits: 4x30;rest 30sec

Notes: Early workout today. First few sets I was a bit low on energy, but after the third set of power cleans I got fired up. It's been over a week since I felt this good. Yesterday I made a point to crush a lot of carbs (I had about 4 sweet potatoes, 2 cups of fruit, and veggies). I think it made off, and it will be something that I continue to do going forward. I thought I wouldn't be able to get fired up anymore without caffeine, but I suppose this workout proves that theory wrong. I just need enough carbs and some good rest, two things that I can do.

Cleans are a bit off still. Something with the scoop. My clean sequence looks different from my snatch. Gotta work on this.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Training: 11/8/2011

10min Z1 Run
30sec @ 90%
30sec @ 50%
4 sets:
1min @ 90%
1min @ 50%
2 sets:
90sec @ 90%
90sec @ 50%
10min Z1

Notes: Woke up early today after about 7.5 hours sleep. Grabbed a few grapes, did some light stretching and headed out the door for my run. Worked a bit technique during my warm up and had some good technique thoughts throughout the run. Run felt very good today. Was able to hold a solid tempo and did feel too fatigued in my hamstrings or lower back. Heart rate didn't go crazy like it has during the past few met-cons.

Analyzing my training over the past few weeks and how I have felt that past few testers, I may be in a state of overreaching. I have never had a problem with my heart rate holding me back during workouts but during the few last week (feeling like my heart was going to explode) I think I am feeling the accumulative effects of training/testing. It's something you have to except because for adaptation to occur, you almost have to get worse before you get better. I know that once I take some time for my body to recover, I will be in peak form. With that being said, to make the most out of my training sessions I have to be diligent about my sleep, CONTINUE TO INCREASE CARBOHYDRATES, and use recovery techniques like massage, ART, and stretching.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Training: 11/6/2011

A. Deadlift: 3x5; rest 4min (335,345,360)

For time:

50 Tuck Jumps

45m Handstand Walk

40 Box Jumps 24"

35 Knees to Elbows

30 Thrusters 95lb

25 KB Swings 2p

20 Power Cleans 135lb

15 GHD Situps


5 Muscle-Ups

Time: 16:41

Notes: Still feeling the effects from the stomach bug. Indigestion before the workout, and reflux during periods of the work out today. Deadlifts felt pretty strong today. Focused on not letting my hips rise early.

The chipper was tough. Tuck jumps jacked my heart rate right from the getgo. First time I did handstand walks in a workout and they went pretty smooth. I know that these are going to be in the competition next month, so I am feeling confident that I won't have much trouble here. Box jumps felt pretty smooth today. No foot pain. Opened up on the box to practice the standard. Broke up the knees to elbow in 10-10-10-5. Thrusters were tough after the k-2-e because my forearms started to burn and I couldn't catch my breath. My heart-rate was just jacked and I knew it wouldn't drop until the workout was over. I have noticed this happening when its mix modal workouts that include moving weights (ie power cleans, thrusters, KB Swings). It is much easier for me to control my heartrate and breathing when it's bodyweight movements. KB swings were rough, and I broke the power cleans into singles because of grip and lungs. GHDs and HSPU unbroken. No misses on muscle-ups. Broke into singles because I didn't want to slip through with sweaty forearms.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Training: 11/5/2011

AM Training:
5-7 Sets:
10 Heavy TnG Push Press (145lbs.)
300m Row
rest 5min
(avg. watts: 476,475,462,448(end))

PM Training:
200y warmup
rest 1min
200y cooldown
Times: :40,:40,:40,:39,:39,:40,:40,:40,:38,:39

Notes: Went to sleep at 9pm last night. I was whipped from the early rise and the stomach situation. Slept until about 6:30am but was still a bit groggy upon waking. Felt pretty good heading into the workout, but after the first round, I could tell that my biceps and legs were cooked from the 60min row the day before. I hit the first three rounds at about 92% and by the fourth round, I couldn't hold the intensity on the row for more than 150 meters so I called it quits there (didn't want to get into fatigue based testing).

The second workout went a bit better. I am getting my sea legs back and was able to go at a good pace during the warmup (continuous 200y w/ flip turns). I did the 50y sprints at around 85% and kept the lap times equal throughout. Had some good swim thoughts today, so I was fighting the water all that much. Gut is still not feeling 100%.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Training: 11/4/2011

60min Max Distance Row
Distance: 14,050

Notes: I ate a pesto covered tilapia for breakfast and my stomach lining has been irritated and on fire since. I think I might have an allergy to raw garlic because this has happened before when I have meals that include it.

I was not looking forward to the row, but I knew that I needed to do it regardless of what my mind thought I could do. I know that I am not 100% right now. Hell, I am pretty far from it with the amount of training and lack of sleep that I have been getting. This is what I need to do. Beat myself, down, recover, repeat. Hopefully I will be a better Crossfitter on the other side.

I planned on keeping a 2:03 pace throughout, but at around 20min, my butt was on fire so I jumped off for a minute, took down some water and jumped back on. Unfortunately, about a minute later, my stomach was aching again. I mustered up another 15min, before I had to take another break, costing me another 1-2min of rowing. At 22min left I told myself I was getting off the rower and not getting back on, I had a good excuse, my stomach is on fire and I don't want to push it. I don't know what came over me but I decided right there that I was going to get back on the rower and turn it on. I picked up the rowing cadence from about 22 strokes/min to 30 strokes/min. I also wrapped my thumb around the handle, something I have never done before. Amazingly, I was able to average a 1:57 pace for the final 20min. This is something I can hang my hat on. I missed my last 60min row distance by around 300m, but since I was off the rower for about 3min I am not too concerned. Hopefully my gut heals soon.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Training: 11/2/2011

A. Power Clean: 3x1.1.1; rest 4min (225,235(f),235)
B. Front Squat: 5,3,2,5,3,2; rest 4min (225,240,255,235,255,275(f))
C. AMRAP Pullups w/ 1/4 bwt attached in 7min: 36 reps (all strict, mixing grip throughout)
D. Front Splits: 3x30seconds

30min Mobility

Notes: Had to wake up early today, so I got this one in at around 7:30am. I either didn't get enough sleep, or this training cycle is starting wear on me. Missed some cleans today at a "manageable" weight, and I failed at 275 on front squats. A bit disappointing but I have to keep plugging away and expect highs and lows. New squat technique felt good however.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Training: 11/1/2011

For time:
30 Ring Dips
7 Rope Climbs
75 Double Unders
20 Ring Dips
5 Rope Climbs
50 Double Unders
10 Ring Dips
3 Rope Climbs
25 Double Unders
Time: 12:41

Notes: Tough workout today. The rope climbs were rough and my lats were cooked very quickly. I suppose rope climbs are becoming a bit of goat for me.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Training: 10/30/2011

AM Training:
A. Build to Heavy Clean (225,245,255,270(f))
B. Build to Heavy Triple Sumo Deadlift (325)
C. L-Pullups: 3xAMRAP; rest 3min (5,5,5)

PM Training:
10min Z1 Run
EMOM for 20min:
7 Burpees
80m Run
rest remaining time in minute
10min Z1 Run
Avg. 36sec/round

Notes: Better night's sleep last night. Felt pretty good going into the workout this morning but couldn't dig deep to hit 270lbs.. Wasn't too worried though, as my technique seems like it improving and I haven't had much exposure to the clean. Building up to 270lbs. felt better/ easier than ever before so I think my tech/legs are in good shape right now. I just have to keep working hard and the weights will add up. The sumo deadlifts were a but awkward. I couldn't get myself balanced and my thumbs were killing me. Didn't want to risk going to heavy to I capped it. L-pullups are still a struggle for me. I just feel so awkward/helpless with these, straining to keep my legs up with my hips flexors.

Second workout went pretty well. However, I think I have found one of the main causes of my back flare-up from the previous week. I thought it was solely the KB Snatches during the aerobic workout, but the burpees today absolutely fried my lower back. I was not anticipating this and by the 17 set it was really tight. I iced and stretched afterward. I have to stay on top of it before it gets bad again.

Training: 10/29/2011

10x1min @ 97%; rest 6min
1. 40
2. 40
3. 37
4. 39
5. 35
6. 38
7. 36
8. 36
9. 36
10. 39

Notes: I was not looking forward to this. I mean how could you? Didn't get a great night's sleep before but the pre-game planning was better. I ate a balanced meal and 8:30am with some coffee. I started warming up at 11:15am with some 70% and 80% 1min sprints to get the legs warm. The first two sprints felt great, and I was able to hold a good wattage throughout. I was confident that the last two weeks had prepared me for this workout. The middle ground was variable. Some sprints were tougher than others but every set hurt about as much as the next. The last one I dug a little deeper on the back half and pulled out a few extra calories to finish off the workout. Thank god that's over with.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Training: 10/28/2011

A. Power Snatch: 5x1; on the 2 minute (185,190(f),190,195(f),195)
B1. Front Squat: 5x2-3 @ 30x1; rest 90sec (245,250,265,270(2),270(1))
B2. Press: 5x2-4 @ 31x2; rest 90sec (145,152,157,162,167)
C1. 1 1/4 Front Squat: 3x2-3 @ 53x1; rest 90sec (135,155,175)
C2. Ring Dips: 3xAMRAP(-1); rest 90sec (11,11,11)
D. Front Splits: 3x5; rest 30 b/t sides

Notes: Friday workout. That means max effort lifting day in my book. God I love lifting, and days like this perpetuate my obsession. Power snatches felt good again today, and I was now working on pulling under the bar to add speed to the third pull. Never really focused on that before, but now that I am using my hips correctly, I think I can now start incorporating it into my lifts. Was tweaking front squats a little bit, seeing if I can sit back more and allow the knees to track over toes rather than having my knees go way out. Ring dips fried my chest. Front splits are still painful.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Training: 10/26/2011

3 rounds for time:
Run 400m
10 Ground to Overhead (155lbs.)
25 Pullups
Time: 11:47

Notes: Didn't have great energy going into this workout. Like a 7/10. Wasn't fired up during warm-up. In fact is was tough to warm-up. Lower back was still sore from yesterday and legs were fatigued. CNS was down too. Rather than slack it on this workout, I decided to push as hard as I could relative to what I had in the tank. What gives? I am using the mentality of what would Jon North do? He would say f-it, and try to go as hard as he could with whatever he had in the arsenal. I give myself a 10/10 today on that account. Does that even make sense? I am not sure.

What I am trying to say is fresh I think I can do that in under 10minutes going unbroken on the ground to overhead and breaking the pullups into 2 sets at a time. I wasn't able to do that today, breaking the ground-to-overhead up heavily but staying consistant in pushing the pace and going 10,10,5 on the pullups on all three sets. At the end of the workout I was hurting metabolically pretty bad for a good minute after the workout. Flow work this afternoon, then a day off tomorrow. I am going to ice bath tonight, and really relax tomorrow to be fully ready to Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Training: 10/25/2011

A. Snatch Grip Deadlift: 3,3,2,2,1,1; rest 3min (295,315,325,335,345,355(f))
B1. BB Front Rack Walking Lunges: 5x10-12 steps; rest 90sec (155,165,170,175,205)
B2. GH Raises: 5x8-12; rest 90sec (12 w/ purple band for all)
C. Front Splits: 3x5reps/side; rest 30sec b/t

Notes: Have been getting a bit of exposure to the snatch grip over the last few weeks and it is now clear where the weakness of my deadlift emerges. When bringing the bar from the floor, my butt comes in the air first, most likely to load the hamstrings. This leaves a lot of stress on the lower and upper back, and leaves the bar on the floor. Need to get these stronger if I want to increase my deadlift. Pleased with my effort on those though. BB walking lunges, with the lower reps, were tough. I focus on using the glutes and hamstrings and not pushing back into my lower back. GH raises roasted my hamstrings. I think the front splits make me more sore than anything else!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Training: 10/23/2011

Run 1 mile
10 Rounds of Nate (2 Muscle-ups,4 HSPU, 8 KB Swings-2pd))
Run 1mile
Time: 30:54

300m Warm-up
25y Underwater
rest 50sec
300m Cool-down
Avg. Time: :24
Notes: This morning did not go so well. Half way into the run, by lower back started to seize like it sometimes does. Unfortunately, it tightened all the way up and the 10 rounds of Nate became a real struggle. That is not a lot I could do but just chip away. I was able to go unbroken on all movements but I just couldn't move. I realized afterward that the KB Snatches started the lower back tightness and all of the posterior chain stuff on Wednesday hurt too. I have to be more diligent at icing my lower back after these workouts.

Came back in the afternoon with a better workout. Cut the rest times on the swims but the length times remained the same. Felt better this week. More comfortable in the hypoxic state.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Training: 10/22/2011

8 sets:
1min Airdyne @ 95%
rest 6min
Results (cals): 37,38,37,35,37,35,35,34

Notes: Hammy is feeling a bit better today but I know that it's there. As for the Airdyne sprints, I wanted to go "95%" and hold that pace throughout the 1min interval. Not go out at 100% and hold on for dear life like I attempted to do last week. I think I got a better stimulus this week with the different approach. Last week was essentially fatigued based training, while I think this week was actually lactate training. Training my body to utilize lactate as fuel. There were some ups and downs during the workout, but all in all I was able to maintain a high effort throughout. I realized that at the 20sec mark, regardless if I keep the effort at 95% or 90% there is a drop-off in power. I assume this is where the ATP/CP system is depleted and I am now using aerobic/lactate system. Knowing this, I tried to go 95% to get as much work in as I could before the energy was gone, this gave me 3-4 extra calories going into the last 40sec of the interval.

Now, how would this apply to a workout? Hmmmmmmm......
In a 8min AMRAP with say burpees, power cleans, and wall balls I would be keeping a high aerobic output until say 1min left in the workout. At that point I would lay down the hammer and see how many reps I could eek out before the time was up. If 20sec @ 95-97% is what I can hit and then stay at 75% for the last 40sec, this is valuable to know. Tomorrow's workout should be a good test of my aerobic power. I'll ice down the hammy, do some mobility and stretching in the afternoon, and take it one day at a time.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Training: 10/21/2011

A. Power Snatch: 10x1; Every minute on the minute (140,150,160,160,165,170,175,180,185,190)
B1. Front Squat: 5x2-3 @ 30x1; rest 90sec (235,245,255,265,267(2))
B2. EROM HSPU: 5x2-5 @ 20x3; rest 90sec (5,5,5,5,5 on paralettes to floor)
C1. 1 1/4 Front Squats: 3x2-3 @ 53x1; rest 90sec (155,165,170)
C2. Ring Rips: 3xAMRAP(-1) @ 22x1; rest 90sec (10,10,10)
D. Front Splits: 3x5 w/ 8sec contraction/10sec relaxation; rest 30sec b/t sides

Notes: Working on about 4 hours sleep. Woke up at 3am and couldn't get back to sleep so I just got up and went to work. Felt okay throughout the day but my hamstrings feel tighter than they ever have before in my life. I also tweaked my right hamstring toward the knee on wednesday afternoon doing mobility with the class. I felt a grab in the same spot I pulled it during college. It is spot tender and it grabs when I am in the bottom of a pistol. Supporting my body weight on the small area seemed to overwork the already scared area. I am going to work with my doc to get this area taken care of with some k-laser treatments and ART. I need to get this completely taken care of now so it doesn't become an issue in the future.

Despite everything going against me, I am always fired up for a snatch/lifting workout. And on a Friday none the less. I was feeling good and the weight just kept going up fast all the way to 190 lbs. Feeling my technique/structural balance are good right now and it's showing in the snatch. Since my hamstrings were shot, the front squats were brutal. I had no go. I was however able to get 3 reps at 265 this week, after only getting 2 last week. I lightened the load on the 1 1/4 squats so I could concentrate on being as vertical as possible out of the hole. Definitely felt it more in my VMOs.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Training: 10/19/2011

A. Snatch Grip Deadlift: 10x3 @ 50x0; rest 3min (235,245,255,265,275,285,295,305,315,315)
B1. BB Walking Lunges (front rack): 3x16-20; rest 90sec (125,135,145)
B2. GH Raises: 3x8-12; rest 90sec (bw,purple,purple)

Notes: After yesterday's map session, I am a little down on energy. I am learning that the MAP sessions hurt my CNS more than the lactate or lifting. Was able to slug through the workout and add weight from the week before. I didn't get as good a stimulus in my hamstrings and gluteus from the lunges and GH raises because my lower back was smoked. It's tough to maintain the midline stability and activate your glutes when your back is cooked.

Training: 10/18/2011

5min AMRAP @80%:
5 Wall Balls
15 Double Unders
Rounds: 10
Rest 5min

5min AMRAP @ 80%:
5/5 KB Snatch (16kg)
5 Burpees
Rounds: 8
5min Rest

5min AMRAP @ 80%:
5 Pullups
10 Hand Release Pushups
10 Walking Lunges

5min AMRAP @ 80%
5 Box Jumps (24"-step down)
5-10-15 y shuttle run
Rounds: 7

Notes: The KB snatches roasted my lower back. By the time I got to the shuttle runs, it was tough to keep upright. Box jumps were tough with fried back as well.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Training: 10/16/2011

A. Power Snatch: 10x1; every minute on the minute (135,145,155,165,170,170,175(m),175(m),170,175(m)
B1. Front Squat: 5x2-3 @ 30x1; rest 90sec (235,245,255,265(2),265(1)
B2. Legless Rope Climb: 5x1; rest 90sec
C1. 1 1/4 Front Squat: 3x2-3 @ 52x1; rest 90sec (195,205,215)
C2. Legless Rope Climb: 3x1; rest 90sec
D. Front Splits: 3x3/3; rest 30sec b/t legs

300m warmup
25y Underwater (~:24sec each set)
60sec rest
300m cooldown
Notes: Legs were not fresh today, but I put in a 100% effort. Power snatches felt good today. Built to 170 and wasn't upset with the misses at 175. Wasn't getting quite the height needed to lock out the weight overhead. I am pleased that my footwork is coming along. As for the front squats, these were tough. Missed the triple on both sets 4 and 5. In doing the 1/4 squats, I noticed that I can't get out of the hole vertically. I have to drive my butt back considerably which puts more pressure on my upper back. Just need to keep plugging away with these.

First time I was in the water for quite some time. The first few underwater lengths were uneasy. Then I started to get more comfortable.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Training: 10/15/2011

6x1min @ 97%; rest 6min
***During rest times I completed 5 Cuban Press w/ 33lb. bar and 5 HSPU on paralettes
Calories: 44,42,34,29,33,36

Notes: My legs are roasted from yesterdays workout. I mean my posterior chain in ghost chili hot. At least my quads weren't bad, which left them ready to go for
Airdyne sprints. The last time I did 1min sprints, I remember being on the floor hurting after a few of them. These were the results the last time I did this workout: 142
I wanted to see how my body would respond to going out at 97% each time and try to hold on for the minute. I crashed after 20 sec each time. There is nothing like holding on with next to nothing for a full 40 seconds. Lesson learned.

I found the 90% on the last 2 attempts to finish out the workout strong.

Legs are tight. I am going to do some mobility in the afternoon and get ready for some more training tomorrow. Spirits are good and I am thirsty for more.

Training: 10/14/2011

A. Snatch Grip Deadlift: 10x3 @ 50x0; rest 3min (195,215,220,235,245,255,275,280,285,305)
B1. BB Front Rack Walking Lunges: 3x8-10/leg; rest 90sec (115,125,135)
B2. GH Raises: 3x15; rest 90sec (complete)
C. Front Splits: 3x3/leg; rest 30sec

Notes: Epic training day. After out of training for almost 5 days, I came in pissing vinegar. I had good energy and was excited about the workout. I know I am hitting things that need work, and I like that. Every workout like this gets me closer to being a better athlete. I don't want to tough the things I am good at right now. I want to work on my weaknesses. I don't want pleasure, I want the pain.

The split work was good. I felt myself getting deeper and deeper into the split each attempt. However, the back leg when I split tends to externally rotate from the hip joint, and I feel a pull in my lower back.

Thursday, October 13, 2011


Click picture.....

Listen to how Rob describes himself as a lifter. What is this a description of.....

If you do the math:
Max Deadlift: 585(estimated)
"505 lbs. x 10 reps"
85% of 1RM x 10 reps........Buffalo

Monday, October 10, 2011


I am just getting back in from a long travel back from San Diego, CA where I competed in the OPTathlon at Invictus Crossfit. OPT Big Dawgs from around the world took part in a 6 event competition that included:
  1. Max Clean to Overhead
  2. Max Standing Triple Jump
  3. 500m Row, rest 90sec, 500m Row (score 1k time)
  4. 7min AMRAP: 150 Double Under buy in (w/standardized ropes) then: 7 wall balls, 5 burpees to 1 ft. jump
  5. Max distance reverse overhead shot throw
  6. 3k Run
This was a good first test for me after getting double ankle surgery back in late June, and I have a good idea of where I currently stand among some of the top athletes in the sport. I now see what it takes to be the best, and where I need to improve.

Along the way this weekend, I got to meet, converse with, and compete with some of the tops in the game. The OPT community is an awesome bunch of men and women, and it's a refreshing thing to see; people not driven by money or egos, but by exploration into how far they can take their bodies, and what lessons they can learn in the process. People who are dedicated to something bigger than themselves. People who are addicted to a life of struggle and pain in search of the perfect moment that never really comes. I am proud to say that I one of those people, and I will continue to work as hard as I can to achieve my goals.

From here to December my focus shifts to competing at the Clash of Fittest. There, I plan on making my mark as one of the top athletes in the southeast. This will be a good test before sectionals, where the fun really begins.

The journey is the reward......

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Training: 10/5/2011

1mile run for time (6:04)
4x15 Box Jumps; rest 30sec
3min AMRAP 35 Unbroken DUs (6 sets)

Notes: My right ankle is bothering from practicing triple jumps yesterday. Gonna lay off those until Sunday. Was worried it would effect my workout today but once I got warmed up, I stopped paying attention to it. Do to a little bit of my confusion on my workouts, I put a few things together for today. I am little disappointed with my mile time, but it's 3 seconds faster than when I last ran one for time and I felt a lot different after running this one. My hamstrings were absolutely smoked going into the run, and 1/4 mile in, I knew I didn't have the gear today. Energy wise, I felt pretty good. At the finish line, I took a few deep breaths and was good to go. Box jumps didn't give my ankle too much trouble, and I focused on staying relaxed and moving the rope efficiently on the double unders. Tomorrow is my final workout before leaving for San Diego.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Training: 10/4/2011

A. Snatch: 3x3; rest 4min (145,155,165(2))
B. Power Clean: 4x10 TnG; rest 3min (145,155,165,185)

Notes: Second to last workout before leaving for San Diego. Good session though I didn't hit one of my snatches. I think I need to stay through my heels longer. When I extend through my toes too much, it causes me to jump back which screws up my catch. I tested myself on the power cleans a bit. Hit 185 for 10, which is a good confidence boost, knowing that I can draw on some power when needed. This would have been close to impossible last year.

Training: 10/2/2011

A. Power Clean + Jerk: 5x1 @85%; rest 3min (195,205,215,225,235)
B. Front Squat: 3x3 @ 80%; rest 3min (215,235,245)
3 sets:
20 pullups
100m sprint
rest 5min
result: avg. 40sec

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Training: 10/1/2011

30 Muscle-Ups for Time
Time: 7:15

5 Rounds:
100m Run
10 Box Jumps (20")
100m Run
10 KB Swings (24kg)
100m Run
10 Burpees
Time: 12:48

Notes: Good night's sleep. Got up early and completed the 30 MU's. Plan going in was to do 2 every 20seconds for as long as I could. Then feel it out from there. Was 25 reps in at the 5 minute mark, but was too fatigued in my back to string together reps at the end. I was pleased with my performance. This is the first time I legitimately completed (full turn out at bottom, jumping into grip, etc.) 30 MU's. I think next time I would do some no-false grip to allow for a bigger kip. Second workout was smooth. Went unbroken on all movements and only stopped to wipe hands and face twice. Kept the throttle down and was also able to kick it into the next gear on the final 10 burpees without going red.

Training: 9/30/2011

1min Row @ 97%
6min rest
Results: 334m,338m,335m,326m,328m,328m

Notes: Pain

I'm watching you Charles............

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Training: 9/28/2011

A. Deadlift: Build to Heavy Single (407.5)
B. Power Clean+ 2 Jerks: 4x1+2; rest 3min (205,220,230,245)
C. Press: 1,3,1,3; rest 4min (175,155,185,165)
D. GHD Situps: 5x15; rest 60sec

Training: 9/27/2011

5 rounds @ 80%:
400m Run
15 Burpees
400m Run
15 Burpees
rest same as work time
Times: 4:38,4:42, 4:42, 4:44, 4:42

Notes: Solid little workout today. Kept the burpees and runs pretty constant throughout. Snuck in some DB ext rotation and DB trap 3 raise during the rests. Need to keep my shoulder strong.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Training: 9/24/2011

AM Training:
10x1 Clean and Jerk, rest 3min

PM Training:
3x2k row; rest 20min

Notes: Woke up early and got the clean and jerks in. Technique was a little off this morning and my first pull was getting me forward. To compensate, I had to lean back and jump back, leaving the bar out in front on the cleans. Toward the end I realized that I needed to keep my knees out more, but I only had one clean left, so I went for a PR and got buried in the whole.

The afternoon workout went a bit better. My times the last time I did this in March were: 7:23, 7:18, 7:21. Through all the goes my heart rate and breathing were fine, but my quads were burning so bad I couldn't get a good "kick" going, especially on the final set.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Training: 9/23/2011

A1. Ring HSPU: 5xAMRAP(-1); rest 2min (10,10,10,10,10)
A2. No foot rope climb: 5x1; rest 2min
B. Strict Muscle-ups: 2 on the minute for as long as possible (13)
C1. COVP Pullups: 4x12; rest 20sec
C2. Low ring dip swings: 4x10; rest 3min

Notes: Ring handstand pushups felt good today with socks and extra knee sleeves. Strict muscle-up were flowing today. I figured out to keep my elbows closer together as I pulled up. This gave me some leverage to get my torso through the "window." Had some trouble with the swings, couldn't lock the pushup position on the back swing all the way out.

Training 9/22/2011

4 sets @ 85%:
3min AMRAP:
1/1 TGU (20kg)
5 Burpees(4 inch leap)
15 Double Unders
rest 3min
12min Mobility (ankles and hips)
4 sets @ 85%:
3min AMRAP:
5 Box Jumps (30",stepped down)
10 KB Swings (24kg)
15 Situps
rest 3min

Notes: Good workout today. It seems that my sustainable stuff is on point, at least with these types of movements. Tried to push the pace hard, but the speed of the actual movements was the limiter. Walked away under control after each and every set.

I challenged myself a bit with the standards today, making sure to stick to a 6 inch jump to a pullup bar for the burpees and going completely vertical with a pause at the top of each KB swing. Felt darn good. Box jumps had my ankles a bit tender afterward.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Training: 9/21/2011

A. Snatch: 6x1 @80%; rest 2min (165lbs.)
For time:
75 Power Snatches(75lbs.)

Notes: Snatching is off. I am a bit concerned but I keep reminding myself that I am at the end of a cycle and I am not near my max potential. Off the ground, the weight feels very heavy. I was power snatching this weight touch and go for 6 reps only a month ago. I guess that is what a training cycle does to you. Doesn't help that both of my shoulders are banged up, leaving me less aggressive under the bar. Foot work is off still too. Randy was ok. I did 15 reps unbroken from the beginning then started breaking it into reps of 7 or 8 and taking as little time between sets as possible. I wasn't very winded from this workout, my grip was the limiting factor. I also focused on keeping consistent form throughout, dropping under the bar on most reps and squatting the weight back up rather than finishing with my arms. My back tightened up a little bit during the workout, but it wasn't bad.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Training: 9/19/2011

A. Split Jerk: 5x1 @ 85%; rest 2min
5 Rounds:
5 Push Press (165,185,195,205,205)
20sec Airdyne AFAP
rest 4min

Notes: Jerks felt ok. Overextened on one of the reps and the middle of my back tweaked a bit. Continued on with the workout anyway. Overall, I am getting a bit beaten up. Left shoulder is not 100% and now the middle of my back. I think this is connected to lack of sleep and overall training depth. I am going to start reincorporating 4g of fish oil back in my diet to help with recovery. Also, my sleep cycle has been a bit off, so I am going to be back on that now. Lactic power stuff was tough but I was able to hold the throttle down during the entire 20sec sprint. This is a definite improvement from months before.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Training: 9/17/2011

A. Split Jerk: 6x1 @ 80%; rest 3min (235,240,245,245,250,265)
B. Back Squat: 3x1; rest 5min (315,335,345(f))
21 Back Squat (180)
200m Run
21 Front Squat (135)
400m Run
21 OHS (90)
800m Run
Time: 9:54

Notes: Poor night's sleep. Cheated last night on burgers and fries and with pre-workout anxiety looking, I only got about 7.5 hours of good sleep. That left me at roughly 80% for today's efforts. Stayed right at around 80% for the split jerks today. Focused on dropping under the bar and being stable. I feel I am little too violent with my move under the bar and it's causing me to be unstable in the catch. Caught with soft arms a couple of times. Back squat felt good, didn't have it mentally on the 345 attempt but I am happy with a 5 lb. PR after a tough couple weeks of training. The Metcon was good. I got a good push from AJ today, who flew through this workout no problem. Legs were jelly on the first 150m of each run, but I was able to catch my stride after that.

Training: 9/16/2011

A1. Bench Press: 5,5,5,10-12; rest 2min (245,250,255,215(12))
A2. No foot rope climbs: 4x1; rest 2min
B. Strict Muscle ups + 15sec hold: 3x2-5; rest 3min (4,3,3)
C. COVP Pullups: 3xAMRAP(-1); rest 3min (20,20,20)

Notes: Left shoulder still bothering me after the snatch workout from the day before. Lateral front delt it the culprit. Haven't done straight kipping pullups in months, felt ok, but definitely more demanding on grip and back.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Training: 9/15/2011

A. Snatch: 3,3,2,2,1,1; rest 4min (165(2),165,175,180f,180f
B. OHS: 5x5; rest 3min (185,185,190,195,205)
C. Box Jumps: 5x15; rest as needed

Notes: Roasted today. Poor night's sleep for the last few night's has really caught up to me. Can't fake the lack of CNS in olympic lifting. Legs are also wrecked from running the last few days. Footwork is becoming a problem for me in the snatch. It seems like I am pulling my feet back and landing on my toes which limits my squat and sends the weight forward. Focused on hitting solid overhead squats today. This was 10 lbs. over my 1RM PR so I am pleased with where my squat is going. Had to really focused on using glutes to get out of the hole since my quads were torched.

I was taking stock of my situation the other day during my run workout:
  • I am 12 weeks out from double ankle surgery.
  • I have set PRs is almost everything I have done over the past 4 weeks
  • My running is getting noticeably better
  • My squat has improved immensely
  • I have good balance between my training, work, and social life
  • I am continuing my education
All in all, things are going very well right now, I just have to keep plugging away and enjoy the ride.

Training: 9/14/2011

200m @
70% (39.18)

Notes: Good workout today. Form felt good on the runs and I was able to keep the throttle down through all 200m. Hamstrings were smoked after this one.

Training: 9/13/2011

8 min Z1
1min @ 90%
1min @50%
4min @ Z1
5 sets:
1min @ 90%
1min @ 50%
8min Z1

Notes: This went well. Did this workout first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. The 1min was bearable, but the rest times seemed short. Form was good throughout, no noticeable pain on the body.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Training: 9/12/2011

A. Deadlift: Build to Heavy Single (385lbs.)
B. Power Clean + 3 Jerks: 5x1+3; rest 3min (185,205,215,225,235)
C. Press: 5,4,3,2,1; rest 2-4min (155,165,175,185,195)

Notes: I shuffled the workout days around a bit, so today I will do the strength training and tomorrow morning I will hit my map workout. My brain and body are pretty beat down from the past weekend. 385 felt like 500lbs. this morning, and my back and shoulders are shot from wall balls and pullups. Learned my lesson from last week so I really tried to focus on sound technique and hitting clean lifts, rather than trying to set PRs. 195 press was a grunt effort but I am closing in 2 bills.


5 Rounds for time:
20 Unbroken Wall Balls
20 Unbroken Pullups
Time: 7:44

rest 12min

5 Rounds for time:
500m Row
15 Burpees
Time: 15:00

Notes: Went into the first workout with "flow" in mind. I wanted to keep all unnecessary tension out of my body. I also focused on breathing throughout. The wall balls started getting taxing by the 4th round and as for the pullups, my forearms were toast during round 5. I was able to hang on for the final 5 reps but my forearms seized up afterward. The second workout I had to grind it out, keeping a steady pace on the rower (1:59) and staying consistent on the burpees.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Training: 9/10/2011

A. Clean: 3,3,2,2,1,1; rest 4min (225,235,245,250,260,265)
B. Back Squat: 5x3 +12-15; rest 3min (285,290,295,300,305(1), 225(12))
C. Double Unders: 3x2min AMRAP; rest 1min (152,105,140)

Notes: Energy was high going into the workout today. Shoulder was at about 85% but I felt I was strong enough to give it a go. Cleans felt good today, and I was focusing on pushing back up into the bar as soon as I finished the third pull. Went heavy on each set of back squat. Definitely tough. Forearms and triceps burnt out quickly on double unders.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Training: 9/8/2011

A1. Ring HSPU: 5xAMRAP(-2); rest 2min (8,8,9,9,9)
A2. Rope climb cirques: 5x1 asap on descent; rest 2min (complete)
B. Strict Muscle-ups w/ 15sec support on final rep: 5x2-5; rest 90sec (3,3,3,3,3)
for time:
10x10 ring pushups; all sets of 10 unbroken

Notes: left shoulder definitely needs ice and rest. Got through the workout okay, but I couldn't imagine doing wall balls or pullups. I am going to shut it down on Friday and come back strong on Saturday. Had an ART and K-Laser treatment on Thursday afternoon and its feeling a bit better. At about 75%.

Ring HSPU were no problem. Cirques went pretty smooth. Tough to lower my self slow. It takes tremendous small muscle control to get it slow. If I could control myself on these, it would be a major feather in my cap. Still stuck at about 3 strict muscle-ups. This is something that concerns me. I see the best of the best and they bang out muscle-ups in workouts with no problems. I could see this being a problem for me in a workout. I am getting stuck as I come through, it's not "fluid." Maybe I will have Scotty take a look. Ring pushups tough but completed in a decent time.

Training: 9/7/2011

A. Tall Snatch: Tech Work
B. Snatch Balance: 3,3,2,2; rest 2min (145(drop-no-dip), 165(drop-no-dip), 175,185)
C. Snatch: 3,3,2,2,1,1; rest 4min (165,175(2),180,190(1); 200(f),205(f))
D. Box Jumps: 5x15; rest as needed

Notes: I was pumped to see this workout on my schedule. Unfortunately, an early work day combined with fried CNS from lactate training from earlier in the week limited my performance here. I was receiving everything forward today, and noticed also that my right foot was on the toe when I was in the bottom of the catch. I think I need to retrain my feet so this doesn't continue to happen. Was not displeased with my performance because I know I have a lot more on the table. Judging from the vids, I might have enough height to power snatch that weight.

I woke up the next morning after this workout and my left anterior deltoid was stiff, inflammed, and throbbing. I will go see my chiropractor today.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Training: 9/5/2011

6 sets:
5 Hang Power Cleans
150m Row
10 Wallballs (11')
Times: 1:08,1:06,1:04,1:07,1:05,1:05

Notes: With the day off from work today, the focus was set on today's workout. I warmed up with a bit of rowing, kb juggling, and bar work.

For the workout, I started off with 195 lbs. and then finished the workout with 215lbs. I wasn't concerned with standing up with the weight each time, wanted a quicker turn-over to keep intensity high. Wall balls were burning the quads toward the end. Was able to keep right around the same time each go. Not the worst lactate sessions I have ever had.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Training: 9/3/2011

10-1 Bench Press (180 lbs.)
1-10 CTB Pullups

Time: 6:22

800m Run
5 No Foot Rope Climbs
800m Run
time: 9:37 (1st 800-3:20, 2nd 800-3:02)

Notes: 1st workout was right up my ally with the bench press. Haven't done many CTB pullups, but I was ok with them. My hands are brutalized from yesterday's KB snatches, and I ripped in this workout in two places on the 8th round. Didn't want to burn out on the bench press, so I broke early, and took short rests. I rested 1.5 hours and then hit the second workout. I didn't want to push too hard on the first 800m, because I wanted to get right into the rope climbs. I figured my grip would be shot, but the first 3 rope climbs went well. The fourth was a struggle at the top. Then I failed on my fifth attempt, and was a foot from the top on the 6th. I gave myself a "break" on the 5th because I didn't want to sit around for another two minutes to get the last climb, and ruin the stimulus of the workout which, in my eyes, was to sustain a high pace for 8+ minutes. Hit the last run like a bat out of hell and my legs and lungs actually felt really good, like night and day as compared to last week's 800s. Guess I am adapting quicker to the aerobic training than I thought.