Wednesday, November 24, 2010



A. In 8min build to a heavy 3rm clean grip deadlift ---345# (had more in me, but didn't want to push it)

B. In 8 min, build to a heavy clean single---225# (didn't have time to get some tech work in before hand. Showed with the bar being out infront both times on my 245# attempts. Need more bar exposure to ensure that the second pull is not a lean back but a jump into full extension)

C. On the min for 8 min, 3 touch and go thrusters---Started with 185#. Too heavy. Dropped to 145# so I could do 8 sets of touch and go. Felt strong with 145#.

D. Row 2k @ 90%---7:26 (1min rest was rough after tough effort on thrusters but felt strong throughout)

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