Saturday, November 13, 2010

OPT Big Dawg

Workout 1:
A 45# bar and two bumper plates will be 200 meters away from the pull up
station. Starting from the pull up station and in three separate trips carrying one piece of equipment per trip on way back, run and retrieve a bar and two bumper plates and return them to the pull up station. At this point you may load your bar. Once your bar is loaded, begin the workout:
21,15,9 rep rounds:
Thrusters - 95#/65#
Chin Ups - chin over vertical plane
This event is for total time.
TIME: 10:10

rest 1 hour

3 Rounds for time of:
7 Squat Snatch - 115/75#
9 Burpee bar jumps (jump over your bar)
30 UNBROKEN Double Unders
TIME: 5:28
rest 2 hours

10 Minutes to find 1 Rep Max Clean & Jerk (poundage)

LOAD: 245#

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