Thursday, September 30, 2010

Training: 9/28/2010

1rm max high bar back squat(305#)
rest 10min
AMRAP high bar back squat with 85% of 1RM @ 40x0 (260-4reps)
Rest 10 min
Dumbell Split Squat @ 3010; amrap per leg w/ 1/3 bodyweight per hand
1 set per leg. Rest 2min between legs(L:14/R:18)(53#)
Rest 10min
Sorensen test(127sec)
Notes: The next couple of workouts are designed to collect data and allow me to see inefficiencies in my game. Right away I see that I am right leg dominant, and that I can't go heavy for a lot of reps with my legs. Passed the Sorensen test however, you need over 2min for that.

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