Sunday, August 29, 2010

Training: 8/29/2010

A. Halt Clean Deadlift @ 1123; 3x3(225#,235#,245#) 90sec rest
B. Clean and Jerk 1x5 @ 65%(145), 1x5 @70%(155), 1x5 @ 75%(165) 90 sec rest
C. Clean Pulls 3x5(175,195,215) 90sec rest
D. 2 mid-hang muscle snatch, 2 snatch balance; 5sets(65,75,85,95,105) 90sec rest
E. 1 Power snatch, 1 mid hang snatch; 5 sets(105#)
F. 4x3 OHS(95#,115#,125#,145#)

Notes: Today was a polar opposite day from yesterday. While yesterday anerobic lactic workout that lasted over 15 minutes, today was a major creatine/phosphate(ATP) day. On these days it is most important to stay mentally acute throughout the workout. Taking in calories during this 2.5 hour workout is a must. Amino acids to repair breaking down muscle and maybe some dextrose to replenish muscle glycogen is not out of the question and is supported. I had a bit of a breakthrough with my snatch. I was tightening my arms on the third pull which didn't allow the bar to get back into a catch position. When I keep my arms relaxed on the way back and then push into the bar hard during the catch, I am able to get great positioning. I think I am just going to run tomorrow and give my brain a break after these two difficult days of training.

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