Sunday, August 1, 2010

Training: 8/1/2010

Workout 1:
200y warmup
10min of perceptive drilling
10x100y(:45sec rests)
3x200(1:30 rests)
100y cooldown/drills
Times: 1:20, 1:21,

Workout 2:
A1)3x2 Deadlift (rest 90sec)(315#,320#,325#)
A2)3x15 GHD Situps(rest 90 sec)
Rest 5 min
5 sets:
90sec cap on each round:
Wearing 20# vest:
20m OH walking lunge(45#)
with remaining amount of time: AMRAP Ring Dips
Rest 90sec
Reps: 16,16,17,15,16

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