Friday, July 30, 2010

Training: 7/30/2010

Workout 1:
4x3min @ 85-90% (6min rests)
rest 12min
4x3min @ 85-90%

Workout 2:

A: BS @ full speed x 1 Rep (Heavy / 70% 1RM as guide)

B: BS @ 20X1 x 10 Reps (Unbroken / Light enough to maintain tempo)

C: BS @ full speed x 1 Rep (Heavier / 75% 1RM as guide)

D: BS @ 20X1 x 20 Reps (Unbroken / Light enough to maintain tempo)

E: BS @ full speed x 1 Rep (Heaviest / 80-85% 1RM as guide)

F: BS @ 20X1 x 30 Reps (Unbroken / Light enough to maintain tempo)

At this point, you should be good and warmed up. Keep consistent TEMPO for EVERY REP IN THIS SERIES (20X1). The idea is to work up to a heavy "1" each time, and adding weight to UNBROKEN sets of 10/20/30. Gauge loads accordingly. Record loads for each set.



Hang Power Snatch (#95/65)

Toes 2 Bar

Wall Ball Shots (20/14)

Distances: 830m, 800m, 825m, 830m, 880m, 850m, 840m, 880m,
Weights: 205#, 185x10, 225#, 155#x20, 235#, 135#x30
Time: 7:31
The morning run was really tough. I am thankful I got out early, because by the end of the run, it was cooking. I had bit of a breakthrough with my technique today. I was driving the knee before which was causing me to be ahead of myself a bit. I am pulling back a little bit more, and this is allowing me to get my foot up much quicker.
I did the second workout later on in the afternoon. Never really did tempo work with lighter weight before, but it definitely hits hard in all the right spots. I did 3x8 @ 3211 for my warmup with 135#. Even that was tough and my legs really felt drained from the run earlier.

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