Saturday, June 5, 2010

WOD: 6/5/2010

Tarahumara Bear Clean and Jerks 315 lbs. Crossfit Delray Beach(Background) goes on to take first place in the Southeast Regional Affiliate Competition
Hang-Hang Snatches
5x2(Increasing weight after each set. 1 minute rests in between sets)

For time:
3 Rounds for Time:
10 ground to overhead(#135)
30 box jumps
Time: 7:3o
Notes: Hit up Port Fit, the newest Long Island Crossfit affliate. My buddy Ryan is going to be opening the doors soon, so my brother thought it would be appropriate to christen this place with some blood and sweat(and my brother's tears after I smoked his wack ass in the WOD). Working on my snatch; it's getting better. I need to work on my overhead squat. I get under the weight and it crushes me. Back to work!!!

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