Tuesday, June 22, 2010

WOD: 6/22/2010

5min on
2:30 off
6min on
3:00 off
7min on
Notes: This workout was just what I needed! An all out burner. Didn't stop burning my quads and lungs until the buzzer went off. 7 min of all out effort on the bike feels close to lying down on hot coals. I think that the bike workouts are going well because you have to worry less about technique, whereas the swimming and running rely more on the form. I was thinking today that the elites get to where they are more by building the engine and smashing their heads against the wall then forming flawless technique. When analyzing Chris McCormack in the pool, and Chris Lieto in on the run, these guys aren't close to perfect form. Come to think of it, they are pretty mediocre. The difference between the amateur and them is they get burning and keep burning until the finish line.

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