Sunday, May 9, 2010

WOD: 5/9/2010


Catalyst Athletics Standard Warmup
5x5 OHS (#105)
5min rest

Cricket vs. Skunk
5 Rounds for Time:
5 Deadlifts(245#)
10 Burpees

Time: Cricket: 3:59
Skunk: 4:04

3x1k (2min rests)
Previous 1k: 3:37
Goal: 3:30
Times: 3:20, 3:30,3:34

Notes: My brother was in town today for mother's day, so we decided to lift together and then go head to head in a WOD that I have been dying to do. This workout was from the 2007 games (the one that Josh Everett crushed in under 3min). The skunk was ahead the whole time but I was able to string together the fastest ten burpees I have ever done to squeak out the win. 3 hours later we hit the track for some 1k repeats. The wind was howling today in New York, and at times it felt like you weren't moving at all. I like to train in crazy stuff though, you never know what race day is going to throw you. My form was pretty good, and I got myself on film. I am overstriding just a hair, and I am a little broken at the hips, but all-in-all the pull is looking very good. No problems with push off, it more about falling to get moving that I am having problems with. PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE! 20mile bike tomorrow (35 degrees tomorrow morning in New York!)

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