Sunday, May 2, 2010

WOD: 5/2/2010

800m 85%/90%
Time: 11:45

Notes: I woke up today, with my back and body sore, really feeling the workout from the day before, and the 8 hours of being on my feet at work last night. Anyway, the swim went decent. I did 20min of drilling before hand to try and ingrain the proper rotation in my stroke. I still felt like I was not floating because my shoulders were too stacked. I said the hell with it after 20min, and said this is as good as its going to be today, and slammed the swim. I flew in the first 200y (2:44). That gave me some money in the bank and I was able to relax in the water. After the swim, since I am obsessive, I did some more drilling because I was not satisfied with the rotation. I did my usually no-arms kick drill with rotation just enough to get the shoulder-blade out of the water. Then I started swimming, and then in the middle of a few strokes I would stop, float, and check my shoulders. I was still stacking, so I cut down the rotation, and slowed down the arms in front to the point where I think I have a handle on things. We'll see...

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