Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Countdown to Race Day

It been a while since I gave everyone an update on my thoughts leading up to a race(probably because I haven't had a race in a month or so). Anyway, the last month of training has been going very well. I haven't been sick(knock wood) my energy levels are good, and I have been hitting PB's (personal bests-as the Panda says) on the reg. I am constantly a bit sore since I never have an off day, so I am really looking forward to seeing what my body can do. This week is a taper week for me, so I am taking Thursday and Saturday off. The other days I have one short workout a day planned.
I am anticipating hot temperatures this weekend, so I am beginning to hydrate now, upping my H20 consumption to at least 100 oz. per day. Saturday afternoon, after I make the 3 hour drive up to Orlando from Delray Beach, I plan on crushing some sweet potatoes to make sure my glycogen stores are topped off. I know that check-in is going to be a zoo, so I am not looking forward to that.
What I am looking forward to a few things this weekend:
  1. The Zipp Wheels that I am renting for the weekend. According to the research they are going to be saving me 3 minutes on the bike. That's a pretty significant difference from just changing my wheels.
  2. COFFEE!!!! That's right, I will be making love to a large coffee race morning. I have gone 3 weeks without black gold, and I know this is going to supercharge my performance.
  4. GLUTEN!!! Need I say more???
  5. This manbearpig (aka the tarahumara panda)

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