Monday, May 31, 2010

WOD: 5/31/2010


Burpee/Box Jumps (24")
Thrusters (95#)
Knee to Elbow

Time: 8:29

All out ladder
4x25m(:20sec rests)
4x50m(:30 sec rests)
2x100m(:45sec rests)
2x200m(1:00 rests)
1x500m(1:30 rest)
2x200m(1:00 rests)
2x100m(:45sec rests)
4x50m(:30 sec rests)
4x25m(:20sec rests)

WOD: 5/30/2010


10k Time Trial

Time: 42:50

Notes: Heavily hilly terrain slowed me down today. No worries, I pushed hard the entire time. I have to stay focused and get in a zone. The mind tends to wander during endurance sports, you must keep focused on things that can help you (ie technique, breathing, and pacing). I also cleaned up my pose running form a bit. I was doing butt kickers more than I was pulling the foot up and allowing the knee to come forward. Needs a bit more skill work, but a step in the right direction.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

WOD: 5/29/2010

"Helen Mash-up"
For time:
1mile run
63 kettlebell swings (53#)
36 Pullups

5x200m (30sec rests)

In honor of what this weekend really means
When you think you can't keep going....keep going

Friday, May 28, 2010

WOD: 5/28/2010

50 Back Squat, 10 situps, 40 Back Squat, 20 situps, 30 Back Squats, 30 Situps, 20 Back Squats, 40 Situps, 10 Back Squat, 50 Situps
*Use 95# for Squat


Enjoy the memorial day weekend, but remember like money may says,"When he's not working, I'm working, and when he's working...I'm STILL working!"

Good luck to Crossfit Delray Beach!!! 4th place right now overall. Need a strong showing tomorrow from the Panda aka Tarahumara Bear!!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

WOD: 5/27/2010

Rest Day

Bike Intervals:
6x1mile Sprints
1:00 recoveries
Times:2:27,2:31,2:26, 2:31, 2:28,2:28 (average around 25mph)
I am big into the science side of sport, and today I stumbled upon a website that looks at athletic performance from a more scientific perspective.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

WOD: 5/26/2010

5k Row (80% for first half, 90% for second half)
Goal Time: 19:00
Time: 19:30

20min AMRAP:
12 Power Snatches(65#)
10 Pushups
Rounds: 15 rounds + 2reps

Bonus: 50 box jumps for time:
Time: 47sec

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

WOD: 5/25/2010

450m Run
5 rounds for time:
30 air squats
7 Front Squats (135#)
20 Butterfly Situps
450m Run (one burpee for every second over your original time)
TIME: 8:51
Run Times: 1:27/1:30 (did 6 penalty burpees)

Speed Work!!!
4x200m(:30 rest)(:30,:35,:35,:37)
2x400m(:30 rest)(1:20,1:23)

Notes: The WOD today was pretty taxing on the legs. So when I showed up at the track an hour afterward, I was a little uneasy. I picked up some great warmup stretches from CFE San Diego so that definitely helped. My form trashy tonight for the most part. My posture during the fall still appears to be my achilles heal. I haven't had problems with the pull, but because I am broken at the waste, I think this is causing me to push out the back a bit, and that puts stress on my back. I will get on film in the next couple days to see what's up.

Monday, May 24, 2010

WOD: 5/24/2010

1 RM Press
12min AMRAP:
7 Press @ 60%
12 Knees to Elbow

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Back at two-a-days tomorrow!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

WOD: 5/22/2010


4 Rounds for time:
400m run
50 airsquats
Time: 9:57

Notes: Had to do the run on the out lanes of the track since there was a game going on. Need to work on keeping my chest up during my air-squats and really engaging the posterior chain more.

just let the movie load first

Friday, May 21, 2010

WOD: 5/21/2010

I am continuing my week off from Crossfit Endurance. Monday I think I will start back up again.


*8 intervals at each station 20 on 10 off*

Deadlifts 95lbs

Box Jumps 24′


25lb dumbell Push Press

TOTAL: 51 (total is calculated by combining the least amount of reps performed at each station)
Rest 5 minutes

3x3 Split Jerks (155#,175#,185#)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

WOD: 5/20/2010

50-40-30-20-10 Wall Balls Paired with
10-20-30-40-50 Double Unders

TIME: 10:51
Strength: 3x3 Squat Cleans (155#, 175#, 185#)


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Ironman Florida 70.3

So I have had a couple days to reflect on the events of this weekend. Where did things go wrong? What else could I have done? Should I keep doing this? Will things get better?
Lots of questions, unfortunately, I will have to wait for most of these answers.

Believe it or not, I am a big believer in fate. I really do think things happen for a reason, whether good or bad. My most recent reinforcement of this philosophy came about when I was in the airport coming back to New York. I figured I would pick up some reading material for the plane ride. As I was buying the New York Times and the book Fast Food Nation, a green glow caught the corner of my eye. It was a book, Bounce, by Matthew Syed. The concept of the book is about debunking the notion that elite athletes are born, not created. Furthermore, it takes at least 10,000 hours of practice to become an elite at something(a la Malcolm Gladwell in Outliers). But he goes on to talk about the purposeful practice that elites do. They don't continue the same routine to get better. They are constantly pushing the limits and falling short. As an example, an Olympic Gold Medal Figure Skater is said to fall on the ice over 30,000 times while practicing on their way to gold. So it is natural to fail. It is what you do afterward that defines whether you ultimately succeed or fail. Also, an article in the Times highlighted Jens Voigt, a professional cyclist on Saxo Bank that suffered a horrific crash last year during a mountain stage of the Tour de France. Fate works in funny ways. Keep your eyes open for signs and go with the flow.

Just food for thought.

Anyway, throughout the weekend (before and after the race), I did little video entries so you could get a sense of the thought process I was going through, and my race planning. Enjoy!
PS....I put a bonus video at the bottom for your enjoyment.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Sorry for the layoff

Been a long weekend! I recorded some videos that I will be posting in the coming days.

It is time to reflect and to do some soul searching.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

WOD: 5/13/2010


Notes: My first off day in weeks. I flew down to Florida today, and boy is it beautiful. Not a cloud in the sky and high 80's with low humidity. I think a good meal is in order for tonight....

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

WOD: 5/12/2010

6x200y(60sec rests)
Fastest pace possible
TIME: 2:54, 2:58, 2:59, 3:01, 3:04, 3:02
Notes: Form was off again. Even though I got a lesson last week and he said my rotation is fine, I know I am overrotating. I think the over rotate comes in after the stroke I take after breathing. When I cut that rotation short, I am able to recover a bit more stable, which sets me up higher in the water, and closer to air. I will tinker with this when I am down in Florida. The way I see it right now, if I can get through the swim in a middle of the pack time, and conserve my energy(without swallowing too much water!) I should be good to go. My cycling is pretty on point right now, and my running technique is the best its ever been. Flying out at 10:25am...SEE YA IN FLA!
Music to get you going...

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Countdown to Race Day

It been a while since I gave everyone an update on my thoughts leading up to a race(probably because I haven't had a race in a month or so). Anyway, the last month of training has been going very well. I haven't been sick(knock wood) my energy levels are good, and I have been hitting PB's (personal bests-as the Panda says) on the reg. I am constantly a bit sore since I never have an off day, so I am really looking forward to seeing what my body can do. This week is a taper week for me, so I am taking Thursday and Saturday off. The other days I have one short workout a day planned.
I am anticipating hot temperatures this weekend, so I am beginning to hydrate now, upping my H20 consumption to at least 100 oz. per day. Saturday afternoon, after I make the 3 hour drive up to Orlando from Delray Beach, I plan on crushing some sweet potatoes to make sure my glycogen stores are topped off. I know that check-in is going to be a zoo, so I am not looking forward to that.
What I am looking forward to a few things this weekend:
  1. The Zipp Wheels that I am renting for the weekend. According to the research they are going to be saving me 3 minutes on the bike. That's a pretty significant difference from just changing my wheels.
  2. COFFEE!!!! That's right, I will be making love to a large coffee race morning. I have gone 3 weeks without black gold, and I know this is going to supercharge my performance.
  4. GLUTEN!!! Need I say more???
  5. This manbearpig (aka the tarahumara panda)

WOD: 5/11/2010

10x2 Back Squat (75%)
Every Minute on the Minute
WEIGHTS: 4x2@205#,6x2@215#

Notes: I did the 10x2 this afternoon after getting a solid warm-up in. I guess I have gotten stronger in the past few weeks, because I was doing sets of two 30lbs. heavier than what I was supposd to be doing, and I wan't phased. Did some barefoot running afterward to address technical aspects that I have been working on. Specifically, the bent knee position with the weight on the ball of the foot. I have been so concerned with leaning lately that I had to take a step back and get myself back into pose before I start falling. It definitely helped, because the running I was doing felt effortless. Now if I can only say the same thing about my swimming...
Tomorrow I am going to get a solid pool session in to really nail down my swim technique.

Monday, May 10, 2010

WOD: 5/10/2010

20mile Tempo Ride:
10 miles @ 85%, 10 miles at 95%
Time: 58:00

Sunday, May 9, 2010

WOD: 5/9/2010


Catalyst Athletics Standard Warmup
5x5 OHS (#105)
5min rest

Cricket vs. Skunk
5 Rounds for Time:
5 Deadlifts(245#)
10 Burpees

Time: Cricket: 3:59
Skunk: 4:04

3x1k (2min rests)
Previous 1k: 3:37
Goal: 3:30
Times: 3:20, 3:30,3:34

Notes: My brother was in town today for mother's day, so we decided to lift together and then go head to head in a WOD that I have been dying to do. This workout was from the 2007 games (the one that Josh Everett crushed in under 3min). The skunk was ahead the whole time but I was able to string together the fastest ten burpees I have ever done to squeak out the win. 3 hours later we hit the track for some 1k repeats. The wind was howling today in New York, and at times it felt like you weren't moving at all. I like to train in crazy stuff though, you never know what race day is going to throw you. My form was pretty good, and I got myself on film. I am overstriding just a hair, and I am a little broken at the hips, but all-in-all the pull is looking very good. No problems with push off, it more about falling to get moving that I am having problems with. PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE! 20mile bike tomorrow (35 degrees tomorrow morning in New York!)

Saturday, May 8, 2010

WOD: 5/8/2010


5x1 Power Snatch (PR: 115#)
5x1 Press (PR: 150#)
5x1 Deadlift (PR: 305#)

Friday, May 7, 2010

Amazing Run

Visit for more Videos
This video was brought to my attention by my swim coach. If you look more into this kid and what he did: He is the heaviest and tallest person ever to break 27min (6'1",160lbs.), this was his first 10k race...EVER(He runs the 5k), this is the fastest 10k by a non-African. He destroyed the former American record by 14 seconds!

WOD: 5/7/2010

4x.42 mile(20% grade)
Time: 3:00, 3:02, 3:05, 2:56


Thrusters (#95)
PR: 4:50
Goal: Break 4min
TIME: 4:11

Notes: Good cycling ride this morning. I tried to go all out up a very steep grade. During the second go, the point at which to power the stroke became clear. Power the stroke to early, and you push straight into the crank arm, push too late, and your leg is already extended. That 1-4 o'clock area is where you want to apply power. You can really feel this on steep hills since every ounce of power counts. Later in the day, I took on Fran. I beat my previous PR by 39 seconds. I went out of the gates a little too hard, blowing my load too earlier and baking my forearms to the point I was finishing the last set of pullups with singles! Ouch!
WOD tomorrow and I am going to put to use the lesson I just took and do pool drills.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

WOD 5/6/2010

20 minute time trial
3 miles over hilly terrain

Notes: Better form today. I was more cautcious going downhill, which slowed me down. But I now know how to control myself in decents. Rather than leaning down the hill with pose. Just stand straight up, and let gravity pull you down the hill while you just remove the area of support(pull your feet up). I have to work on keeping my body in line with the lean so that I can start kicking up the speed. I will drill this weekend on it and have it honed for next week. I am more worried about my swimming right now. Think I might get a lesson this weekend, to try and clean things up.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

WOD: 5/5/2010

500m Row

Hang Cleans(#95)
Alternating Lunges w/ weight overhead(#45)

500m Row
TIME: 14:02
4x5min intervals (3min Rests)
Swim Goal: 375y each
Distances: 340, 335, 325,320, 320
Notes: Dark times...

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Paleolithic Solution Episode 26

Robb Wolf!!!!!!

WOD: 5/4/2010


Part 1:
Burpee/Boxjump Ladder
Every minute on the minute perform a box jump/burpee,
increasing my 1 rep every minute(Ex: Minute 1 perform 1, Minute 2 perform 2 etc.)
15 minute max

Part 2:
5 Rounds for Time:
30 double unders
15 Clap pushups

TIME: 4:50

Notes: Probably one of the hardest workouts I have done yet. The du's/pu's were ok on the lungs, but after the first set of clapping pushups, my chest was burnt! Then I went on to the burpees/box jumps. This starting sucking hard after the first 8. I got the 14th set with 5 seconds to spare, and went right into the next set and got the 15th set with 2 seconds to spare. I have never keeled over from a WOD before. I have come very close but today I did. I pulled myself up quickly though, since I had to catch a train 8 minutes later!!! I jogged the half mile to the trainstation and made it with a minute to spare. Now that is a workout!!!!

Lion Vs Hyena - The top video clips of the week are here

Monday, May 3, 2010

WOD: 5/3/2010

Ladder: 3min AOE(all out effort), 3 min rest, 2min AOE, 2min rest, 1min AOE, 1min rest, 2min AOE, 2min rest, 3min AOE, cool down

Going for maximum distance


15min AMRAP:
6 OHS(65#)
9 Pullups
12 v-ups

RESULT: 12 rounds plus 6 OHS

Sunday, May 2, 2010

WOD: 5/2/2010

800m 85%/90%
Time: 11:45

Notes: I woke up today, with my back and body sore, really feeling the workout from the day before, and the 8 hours of being on my feet at work last night. Anyway, the swim went decent. I did 20min of drilling before hand to try and ingrain the proper rotation in my stroke. I still felt like I was not floating because my shoulders were too stacked. I said the hell with it after 20min, and said this is as good as its going to be today, and slammed the swim. I flew in the first 200y (2:44). That gave me some money in the bank and I was able to relax in the water. After the swim, since I am obsessive, I did some more drilling because I was not satisfied with the rotation. I did my usually no-arms kick drill with rotation just enough to get the shoulder-blade out of the water. Then I started swimming, and then in the middle of a few strokes I would stop, float, and check my shoulders. I was still stacking, so I cut down the rotation, and slowed down the arms in front to the point where I think I have a handle on things. We'll see...

WOD: 5/1/2010


Front Squat 5,3,1,1,1
Weights: 175#, 185#, 205#, 215#, 220#(Fail)

Panda Vs. Cricket Challenge:
5 Rounds for Time:
50 Double Unders
15 GHD situps
10 burpees
5 chest to bar pullups

Time: 14:02

2 mile run....tabata
20sec sprint/10sec rest
Time: 16:00

Notes: Had a solid lift this morning at CF Westchester. Felt good after the front squat and then took on the "Challenge." I talked to the Panda, and I thought he told me I would be around 10min. When I got done with the second round and my time was at 5min, I thought to myself that there was no way I was going to beat him. But that didn't stop me from trying to get as close to that 10min mark as I could. Turns out the Panda put up a number almost 5 minutes behind mine! Part of me says its mind games; the other part of me says that I can't read very well. The run went okay, although I was a little dehydrated from the morning workout and the unseasonably warm temperatures. I did 10min of drills with my vibrams, threw my trainers on, and put everything I had in maintaining good form while going as fast as possible. After the run, I threw the vibrams back on and did a perception drill that I saw Romanov do. I leaned foward from the ankles, closed my eyes, and started pulling. This bugged me out a bit since it felt like I was running downhill. This is a great drill because you can really tell when you are leaning correctly, because you will feel like you are speeding out of control.