Sunday, April 4, 2010

WOD 4/4/2010

5mile Run half at 80% half at 90%
  • Goal: 30:00
  • Time: 31:28

Disappointed in my time yes. Excited that I was still able to put up a time within 12 seconds of my personal best a day after Fran and 2 straight days of crossfit level 1 certification drills and skills, yes. Another thing that encouraged me in the run is that I didn't feel anything hurting. Yes my hamstrings started to fatigue a bit, but I didn't have lower back pain or foot/shin pain, so that is good. I believe my plateau in time has to do with my running technique. I am not feeling the speed that is supposed to come from the fall. I think this might be happening from two things: 1) incorrect lean; 2) over striding. The incorrect lean, either leaning from the shoulders or pushing the hips forward and the shoulders back will both result in loss of the fall. In looking at Romanov's lectures, I have to work on bending from the ankles, and keep the rest of the body in line. Compounding this problem would be over striding since it is a constant break, instead of allowing the body to continue to fall forward. I will take a video of my form and post the before and after tomorrow.

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