Tuesday, April 27, 2010

WOD: 4/27/2010


3 Rounds for Time:
12 Jerks-135#
36 Airsquats
12 Toes to bar

Time: 9:30


40k Time Trial
Goal: Avg. 21mph
AVG SPEED: 21.0 mph
Notes: Boy am I wiped! After yesterday's heavy squat day (and only 5 hours of sleep) I woke up this morning and visited Crossfit Metropolis. This is the second box I have visited in NYC in my quest to find a home. I met the box owner Eric, and he showed me around his box. A roughly 2000-3000 sq.ft. open space on the third floor of a repair shop. When you think of a box in NYC, you don't expect a place like this. High ceilings, tons of space, and when you walk up the slightly rusted steel staircase, you know you are in for a solid workout. The program today was great, although my rear deltoids and rotor cuffs have been killing me lately from so much power cleaning.

I saw that there was a tabata workout on the mainsite of CFE, but I wanted to up the ante and crush a 40k time trial on my bike. It was a cold day up here in the northeast, and the wind was howling, so I figured I would send this nasty weather on its way and make room for the sunshine for the rest of the spring and summer(supposed to reach the mid 80's this weekend!) With all the CFing and heavy lifting, I was pretty pleased with my performance on the bike. Especially the final 7k or so. I have to remember to continue to the pedal stroke. I have a tendency to get to the top of the stroke and smash, then stop the motion rather than perpetuating the stroke into the next. I will work on some drills to try and smooth this out. Looking forward to tomorrow's swim, and a day off from anaerobic strength and conditioning!

Lance...KONA 2011(To all of those who think Lance is a fake, and he is using PEDs, this is Lance at 18 years old. Accept that he is the best cyclist ever and a freak, and stop HATE HATE HATING!

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