Sunday, April 25, 2010

WOD: 4/24/2010


800m swim
Goal Time: 12:00
Time: 11:57

Notes: Today was a big breakthrough day for both swimming and running. To swimming first. I was noticing in the past few weeks that my lead arm was very deep in the water. Though I tried to keep it closer to the surface to reduce drag and to set the elbow early, and high, it didn't seem to be working. The reason why, as I learned, was that I was over rotating and stacking my shoulders. I worked on figuring out the sweat spot by floating on my stomach, and rotating until my shoulder was exposed enough to get my elbow out of the water. This allows for the most flotation, and coincidentally, less drag.

As for running, I was having trouble falling. Yes falling. I was breaking at all different spots of my body(hips, neck, etc.) and it was not allowing me fall to gain speed. After my swim, I went out to the parking lot barefoot and decided to figure things out. My cue was leaning from the ankles until I was losing balancing, then start pulling. What I felt was an upright torso, with hips underneath, and perpetual falling. Big breakthrough, felt great!

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