Monday, April 19, 2010

WOD: 4/19/2010


3 rounds for time:
4 Handstand Pushups
10 floor to over head (135#)
12 burpees

Time: 5:47

Notes: Today I went for a bike refitting in Westport, CT at Target Training. I have been there before, inquiring about coaching, and saw that they had legit facilities and faculty. I was looking to do the RETUL bike fitting, which would cost $300, but the dude Jeff that was fitting me suggested I do a conventional fitting first, and then come back a month later after I am fully adjusted to the changes. Otherwise, the RETUL data might be skewed because I wouldn't be used to the fit. The refitting took about 45 minutes, and cost $150. Jeff repositioned my cleats for a more neutral rotation, lowered the seat a bit to decrease the knee angle on the down-stroke, thereby increasing the recruitment of the glute and hammy. He also brought aerobars down to compensate for the lower seat, and brought the saddle forward so that my sit-bones would be on the wider part of the saddle when I am in race mode. All in all, I feel more comfortable, but the proof will be in the ride tomorrow morning

Afterward, I thought I would drop into the local box, Crossfit Stamford (This is about a 30minute ride from my house, as local as it gets!) It was my first ever class, but I kind of knew what to expect. They would teach the exercises using light weight and then we would get into a WOD. Crossfit Stamford has some solid facilities and a great team atmosphere. We did the WOD in heats, so I was paired up with a stranger but I didn't mind. He was a good dude, and former football player who was trying to get back into shape. When my turn came, it felt like the moments before a lacrosse game while I was in college. Let me tell you, I have done probably close to 75 WODS since I started Crossfit, but the feeling of competition cannot be replicated on your own, or in a Globo Gym. It is awesome and you achieve so much more than you thought was possible. I went harder than I ever did in a WOD, and I felt it afterward. Nothing has got my heart going like what I did today...never! It was awesome. I always thought that I was too fit for Crossfit, that my muscles were the limiting factor, not my lungs and heart. Believe me, today showed that you can push even harder when eyes are on you. Now that I am addicted the feeling, I might have to jump in and join a box! Since I missed the CFE WOD today due to the bike fit, I will do a bike in the morning, and a run in the afternoon.

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