Wednesday, April 14, 2010

WOD: 4/13/2010


Shoulder Press 1x3 @ 90% (125#)

Rest 2min

Push Jerk 1x3 @ 85% (160#)

Rest 2min

Split Jerk 1x3 @ 80% (175#)

Rest 5min

For Time:


Sumo Dead lift High Pull 95lbs

Wall Ball shots 20lbs 10ft Target.

Time: 5:55

Notes: Today's lifting went well. The lower reps higher weight doesn't seem like much, but I definitely feel myself getting stronger. It was my first day doing split-jerks, so I wasn't expecting much their. The met-con was ok. I don't care much for sumo-dead lift high pulls since they don't really translate into anything practical (and it causes my shoulders to impinge). If I see SDHP's again, I think I might switch it to snatch grip high pulls instead. Wall-ball shots are getting easier. I think that is because I have been focusing on strengthening my posterior chain, doing tons of squats facing the wall, and overhead squats with PVC, focusing on keeping the chest up, and pulling to the bottom.

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