Tuesday, April 13, 2010

WOD 4/13/2010


  • 5 Total Rounds.

  • 30sec on,20sec off: Move from one exercise to the other in this order.

  • Double Unders

  • GHD Sit ups

  • Push ups

  • Seated Box Jumps. Sit on 12" box ,Jump up onto the 30" Box.

  • Kettle Bell Swings 1.5 pood.

Total Reps: 495

6x2min All-Out (1min Rests)
Distance: 150y for each interval

Notes: Travel killed me today. I didn't get out of the airport until 1pm, and I still had 2 hours of travel to go. Excuses aside, the WOD today was solid. I had should have scaled the DU's since I am not proficient in them. That kind of slowed down the whole workout, but it did the job. Also the fact that the jump ropes are terrible at my gym. I definitely think it is worth it to get a good rope. The CFE WOD was tough for me today. My lats and triceps are still killing me from the swim on Sunday, but I pushed through and tried to focus on my form: high elbow on the catch and keeping my shoulders as parallel to the surface of the water as possible. I am going to take an off day from CFE tomorrow, and just do the anaerobic conditioning WOD. Later.

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