Thursday, April 1, 2010

WOD: 4/1/2010


Bike: 3x1k 5min active recoveries

Times: 1:33(Avg.:38.7 km/h),1:39(36.36),1:35(37.89)

Notes: This morning I warmed up on the indoor trainer so that I could do 3 sets of each drill (one leg x 30sec / Countdowns/ spin ups) and then 30 second sprints at 80%,90%, 100%. Perfect distance to really get your legs burning. I had to fight the urge to smash the pedals, choosing instead to pedal as fast as I could in circles.



  • 5x5 weighted ring dips (supplement with regular dips 5x12 w/ 35 lbs.)
  • Tabata 8x20sec GHD (124 reps)
  • Tabata 8x20sec Hip Extensions (84 reps)

My globo gym does not have rings or a GHD. So I did dips on paralell bars and hip/back extensions on the back extender. After the back extensions, my hamstrings and glutes completely seized up. Not so nice!

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