Wednesday, March 31, 2010

WOD: 3/31/2010

CFE WOD: 20 Min Time Trial Swimming: GOAL: 1400y


My first time trial. I am worried that my form may suffer from this workout, because for me, like my golf swing, my stroke comes and goes. Some days it is clicking and my butt is on top of the water, and then other days I feel like I am swimming uphill. Pumped for a good performance though.

The time trial went well. After warming up and doing drills for around 12 minutes, I started the 20min time trial. At around 800y, I felt my lats melting, but focused on form and technique rather than the pain. Despite my foot cramping twice during the swim, I managed 1375y, or about a 1:30/100y pace. I was pleased with my effort. My form held up rather nicely throughout the swim. I focused on three key elements: 1) looking down at the bottom of the pool, instead of at the wall in front; 2) extending to air and rolling as the arm enter the water, rather than lifting my head; and 3) setting the high elbow, holding, and using that as leverage to thrust my opposite arm forward.

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